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Monday, November 25, 2013

New Palladium Creature: Paranha Frog

Piranha Frog
The Piranha Frog is a creature that is described as an innocent looking creature that swims at a casual speed to the shore and hops around occasionally looking at those on the beach. The two distinguishing red stripes on their back and look of a fish eyes on their back, the chin and eye brows is what separates them from the other races as it is red; that and the three foot tongue that has four distinct spurs at the end. When the frogs are hungry, they come to shore to eat anything that is warm-blooded, because it can’t see in the conventional way only see warm bodies. It goes after things that are about its body size and weight so larger creatures are out of the question.  However if the creature is desperate enough, it does have the strength to take down a gnome, child or small dwarf or with help a larger creature.
I.Q.: 1D4, M.E.: 3D6, M.A.: 1D6, P.S.: 1D6, P.P.: 2D6+6, P.E.: 2D6, P.B.: 3D6, Spd.: 3D6
The creature is a mindless creature that lives only to feed itself; considered miscreant.
Hit Points: P.E.+20
S.D.C.: 10
Natural Armor Rating: 8
Horror Factor: 5
P.P.E.: 1D4
Natural Abilities: Leap six feet high and twelve feet across.
Damage: Bite: 2D6, Claws: 2D4, Poison: None, it’s a muscle relaxant and numbing agent; those bitten feel sleepy and nauseous (-4 to strike parry and dodge; victim is half speed and sluggish). They are valuable to Alchemists (700 gold for one ounce [takes three frogs to produce one ounce]).
Bonuses: +5 to strike
Magic: None
Psionics: None
Average Life Span: Five years
Habitat: swamp and marshland
Languages: None
Enemies: None
Allies: Evil Wizards that perform the spell, Animal Familiar
Size: 12 – 14 inches across and 8 inches across
Weight: 7 lbs.
Notes: These creatures have a school mentality and swim together fallowing the sun to keep warm while taking down prey much larger then themselves. This has put down the guard of most people because the come on shore one or two at a time; however if a victim is in the water they don’t get the warning that comes from seeing a group on the beach and are usually poisoned by the spurs on their tongue before they can react.

Thursday, September 26, 2013

New Palladium Creature: Arbolite the furry lizard

Image is located at World Biology

Arbolite the furry lizard
Description: A two legged upright warm blooded lizard with a colorful coat (reds and oranges) that trails down a large portion of its scaly back. They stand about 9 feet tall and 4 feet wide. Their usual tone of skin is brown and green hues with blue and purple or brown and green highlights around the eyes and lips. They have razor sharp teeth, claws and talons. These creatures are known for being excellent hunters and jumpers.
Alignment: Anarchist but can be manipulated (trained in a gentler behavior)
The Eight Attributes: I.Q.: 2D8, M.E.: 3D6, M.A.: 3D6, P.S.: 3D6, P.P.: 4D6 (very dangerous!), P.E.: 3D6, P.B.: 1D8, Spd.: 3D6+20
Hit Points: 3D6
S.D.C.: 45
Natural A.R.: 12 (thick select fur and skin)
Horror Factor: 8
P.P.E.: 2D6
I.S.P.: 1D6
Natural Abilities: Sense heat and great sense of smell +20% track human if the target is within a mile (two if downwind). As a pack animal these creatures use a series of clicks with their tongues to communicate and orchestrate a fantastic attack. Their natural jump is 15 feet vertically and 20 feet horizontal. Their eyes are built to give them a keen night vision (1000 feet) and the pads on their feet allow for a almost no slip climb (75% climb)
Attacks per Melee: 3
  • Bite: 3D6
  • Fore Claw: 1D6
  • Foot Claw: 3D6
  • Head butt: 2D6 +PS bonus
Bonuses: +3 to strike
Magic: None
Psionics: None
Value: Alive: 1200; 2000 trained. Fur: 600, Meat: 0 to 100 (extremely sweet but smells to high heaven)
Average Life Span: 20 years, 8 month gestation, live birth (generally one).
Habitat: This warm blooded creature can be found in forests and plains near foothills. Generally they are used as pack animals or riding beasts by orcs, goblins or hobgoblins; some have even been seen with ogres.
Range: These creatures are found in almost everywhere there is a mountain range or foothills. They depend on the hills for hiding their nests though the nest tends to attract bees and insects that love nectar.
Size: 9 feet plus 1D6 inches for every 5 years of age.
Weight: 500 lbs. plus 3D10 lbs. for every 5 years of age.
Life Expectancy: 40 years though most do not live past 20 in the wilderness.
Notes: In their natural habitat these creatures are vicious killers and hunters but this creature respect a challenge and will follow the commands of those that break them without question. Over time the creature show devout loyalty and will attack those that would attack their new master. On another note, the creature has a keen sense of smell and will sniff out fruit, sugar (candy) or honey that generally can be safely consumed by humanoids within a one mile radius.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Blake WWII

Either one is good for me. Modern will be New Orleans, and so will likely have Zombies.  It is pretty standard Dresden Files, so let me explain my vision for WWII

The team will be a group of mortals or light supernatural characters who are all members of the OSS.  They're behind enemy lines, far from support and the weird euphemism begins happening.

We'd be looking at starting with 6 refresh, so there's not really much you can do in a supernatural sense.  I'd prefer if the max refresh that is spent on power didn't exceed -3 (after catches and other drawbacks of course), with each of the charcters growing organically during the course of the adventure. (IE a White Court Virgin going full White Court in play at a necessary moment).

Nazi Vampires, Ancient Horrors, and maybe even a Unicorn or two, Europe will be your entire setting and you'll go where the mission, or investigation, takes you.

Friday, September 20, 2013

Voting Suggestion

We have a lot of different game options for next year for our gaming group.  With all of them that are being posted, I think now is a great time to start narrowing down.

It was proposed that each potential GM only present one idea, so the best thing to do would be to put a response to this post with your preferred games for each potential GM.  This way, the most votes of their suggestions will be the one they will present.

Just tack it on in the comments section.  We should be nice and not allow GMs to vote on their own worlds, letting the rest of us have an unbiased choice.  Again, this is not for the final vote, just for the game that will be presented on Oct 4th.

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Nightbane: Broken Law

Option 5 (I think)

Heres an idea. The players play Nightbane (or the like) that have strong afiliations with a Truth Seekers club that goes missing. Clues left by the Seekers take them on a wild trip round the whole country. Meanwhile, a half trusting federal agent (that thinks that they are guilty of something and wants them to turn themselves in) is on their tail unaware that the Nightlords are also on their tail to stop the truth and the agent helping them.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Phase World: Runners

Characters are prisoners of the 'Empire' (I havent named it yet, maybe the Human Alliance or Coalition), a small empire of six solar systems (that means at least 4 dozen planets and three times that in moons and space stations). They are attempting to join the CCW. The ship is attacked by pirates who have ambition of freeing some key players to their attempts to stop the empire from protection and expansion. The characters are left on the barge to die but are saved by the empire who wants to take down the pirates and keep a low involvement so that they can get in the CCW and look good to the inspectors. Its a race against the pirates and ill informed CCW and government officials. What government secrets will be revealed and what secrets will be hidden while attempting to get into the greatest free world empire in three galaxies.

This story will have a government similar to the Wolfen government in Palladium Fantasy (with its barage of sub governments), political intruge and each character will have a crimial past (I leave it up to the player to decide how they landed in jail; white collar crimes, political prisoner etc.). I hope to have some mystery and racing to get answers to what is really going on. It should be fun.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Regnum the Fall

Please enjoy this power point that describes why I think we should play this game.

The group I game with on Friday's is voting on our next campaign we will be playing for the next year. Each of us wishing to be a GM for the group will be posting our idea here as a new post. I have wanted to explore an idea for a new world. To those in the game, please post a comment. Don't vote yet, rather post a character you would like to play in my campaign. I have a fairly flushed out OP campaign site that should help answer most questions.

So I would like to introduce:

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Heroes Unlimited: The Beginning of a Saga

Nate and I have pondered on a 3 part Heroes Unlimited Saga. The first part would highlight a group of heroes that were coming of age. They would sort of start out much like a minor hero or a low powered hero. Nevertheless, they would have great potential. Nate suggests that they be teenagers. Thus, they might have great power but inexperience in using that said power. However it is spun, this first part is about finding out what it means to be a hero.

The second part would be an extention of where our heroes end up pending the first part. We would either continue playing the same heroes with minor modifications, or design new characters. Regardless, our previous heroes who have "all grown up" will either be PC's or NPC's in this next installment. The focus of the second part in the saga would be we are distinguished heroes, known throughout the world. We discover a huge catastrophy and become "Earth's Only Hope". This part will focus on becoming a global level hero.

The final part in the Hero Saga, our second characters again are turned into NPC's. Our new heroes continue where we left off, discovering that the global plot has become even greater. We discover we are not alone on this floating rock, and the threats up there may decimate humanity. Thus, "we take to the stars" to unseed the greater plot and defend the Earth once more in an epic galactic struggle. The theme of this final campaign is how and when a hero becomes "Cosmic!"

Each of these campaigns would stretch for a year a piece. But they do not have to be played consecutively. Thus, my proposal would be the first installment of this saga, The Prelude of Heroes...

Friday, September 6, 2013

Blake Chronicles (Option 2)

It is Chicago, 1926.  The prohibition era is in full swing and criminals jockey for position in the seedy underworld that is this iconic city of the past.

Not all of these criminals are human.

The players take on the roles of individuals devoted to dealing with the supernatural.  This is a continuation of an ongoing campaign that most of the players in our group have played already.  For information about who is who, and what is up, visit the campaign on Obsidian Portal:

This will be using the Dresden Files RPG system with is a variant of the FATE system.  There are few, if any, house rules, and mostly deal with how Fate points are awarded.  We are all familiar with the system and would be ready and willing to teach the new guy the ropes :)

It's Good to be Evil (Option 1)

The gods of Chaos and Order are fighting for supremacy.  Both are, at their core, inimical to life.  In a truly, purely, ordered universe, nothing would change.  Life requires change.  In a universe taken to it’s absolute entropic endpoint, there is no order, no progress, or in other words, no life.

Life, however, finds a way.

The Eternal Emperor, may he live forever, has ruled the nation of Hallering for the last thousand years.  It has not been an era of peace, but neither is it one of conflict.  It seems to have been an era of normalcy, as far as that is concerned.

When a man who has lived for a thousand years occupies the throne, some in the nobility feel that he is out of touch.  One such noble has gathered together a small group of evil minded individuals.

Heroes, in general, need a good reason to go off and upset the status quo.  They need a tyrant.  They need the common folk oppressed.  They need a cause they can get behind and feel, well, heroic in supporting.

Villains, however, need no such reasons.  Give them an incentive (money, blood, and mayhem are often enough) and they’ll jump to any task you present them.

This will be an extended adventure length story for characters of level 1+.  We’ll be using some variant of the D&D system.  It will likely either be Pathfinder or D&D Next (I have the playtest materials).  Both of those are free materials, so there would be no buy in cost.  

House Rules:
Magic:  I should be getting the Spheres of Power playtest materials before this begins so we will NOT be using the standard Vancian magic system of D&D.  The Spheres of Power system is supposed to let you play the magic you want as soon as you start, not at level 6 or higher.  We shall see.

Races: Evil races and even monster races allowed.  We’ll be using the Pathfinder race rules.  You will start in XP debt equal to the number of levels your race confers.  For non monster non standard races, it is 1 level  per 10 RP rounded up.  Debt is only incurred for values greater than 1.  Because of problems with monster races the last time we did this, you will start at a level equal to the CR as your race.  When debt + cost of the next level has been paid, you will gain your first class level.  Yes, this basically means you are multiclassing.  Yes it means you get ‘free’ levels.  You will pay for these over the course of play.  You also ‘pay’ for these in other ways, as you are a multiclass character.  Round fractions for CR down.  The DM reserves the right to disallow any race choice if it would be too unbalancing. ABSOLUTELY NO IMPS, DEVILS, OR OTHER INFERNALS.

Alternative options:  As there are some people in the group who have a problem with playing evil characters we could alter this to being It’s Good to be Neutral.  All of the characters would need to be True Neutral, or in other words devoted to the balance between good and evil/Law and Chaos.

Rifts(r): Dragon Kings

Our gaming group is voting on our next campaign we will be playing for the next year every other Friday night. Each potential GM will be posting their ideas here as a new post. I have several ideas that I am wanting to explore, so does Nate. For the gang, please post a comment to each posted idea. Don't vote yet, rather post a plausible character you would like to play in that campaign given the restraints of the respective GM.

So without further ado, I would like to GM a Rifts Campaign.
We can't actually profess to support Palladium Megaversal System, and not have a Rifts campaign under our belts! Rifts is a huge universe with LOTS of munchkinism. This makes it a bit difficult to control the story. But I believe I have a great angle:

"Rifts now riddle the Earth. D-Bee's are now among us. Humans are divided throughthe world, choosing sides of Machine vs Magic. But, that is not our real threat! For centuries dragons have been thought to be extinct. Now the Rifts have brought them back. Many humans believe they are wise and are here to help man...but this could not be further from the truth. Unravel the hidden resurfacing of the dragons. Uncover their motives and orginaztion. And vanquish them from Rifts Earth before all humanity is lost. Your party will have to unite the political factions of humans and D-Bees to battle this growing threat. But don't be pulled into the already rampant war going on between the humans, else you will lose!

Thought the Spluggorth were bad, the DRAGON KINGS will rock their world!!

Type of Characters: The only O.C.C. and R.C.C. that would be off limits would be a Dragon, since they will be the main antagonist. You will want to have a character that believes in the preservation of THIS world. Furthermore, you will be going toe to toe with hordes of keep that in mind. I am excited to see your character submissions!

Saturday, August 24, 2013

New Palladium Creature: Warkor

Image is provided by monique robert studios.


Description: The warkor is a creature that is large like a rhino and tough like one too with this exception, the warkor is mild gentle and a grazer. This creature was a war mount of the Chaos Wars and when the war was over and it was time to put things in their place, because of bad memories, this creature was put behind the stone curtain of the Northern Wilderness to fend for itself.

These gentle giants are also in remote areas near the Nimro mountains and are used as a beast of burden and wagon pulling. This beast has a tougher meat and heaver hide just perfect for those rougher winters or giant lifestyle.
The creature might be bovine in behavior but has no horns but a tough thick skull and tusker like fangs. Their padded feet allow them to displace their immense weight evenly so that they can run and move. Jumping is not possible but rearing up on their hind legs is. Their roar can be heard for about a half mile and sounds like a tuba being blasted.

What makes this creature unique is that it has the inate ability to smell fairie mushrooms and decern from the poison ones. Those that hone this creature's tallents are able to get the mushroom and upon eating it gain a +20 to their P.P.E. for 24 hours until the effects of the magic fungus disipates. These creatures have become (because of this) coveted by man and fairie alike and can be found grazing near fairie rings protected by the fairie folk. 

Alignment: Scrupulous when trained; tends to nip at the hand that feeds it.
The Eight Attributes: I.Q.: 1D4 M.E.: 2D6 M.A.: 2D6 (they are irritable at times) P.S.: 5D6 (supernatural) P.P.: 2D6 P.E.: 4D6 P.B.: 2D6 Spd.: 5D6X2
Hit Points: P.E. + 10
S.D.C.: 1D6X10
Natural A.R.: 9
Horror Factor: 8 (due to their size)
P.P.E.: 2D6
O.C.C.: Not Applicable
Natural Abilities: The warkor spit and when they do it’s a lot of mucus (equal to a gallon).  The gallon of goop is similar to a camel or lamas spit; debilitating but does not hinder movement to much (-1 to strike parry and dodge). The bark from this creature can be heard for a half mile when they are angry but most of the time they are mild. The bark alerts other warkor of possible danger as well as their giant masters.
Attacks per Melee: 2 (slow)
Damage: When the creature bucks up, the stomp attack is horrifying (H.F.:12) and the victim may freeze in terror. They also bite with their razor sharp teeth. To those they know it’s a meager nip (1D4) but to those that they do not know it can be terrible 6D6. Also a shoulder block (body block or head butt) is hard on those who get impact even at a standstill. Stand still: 3D6 Ramming speed: 6D6.
Bonuses: +2 to strike, +2 to initiative
Magic: None
Psionics: Six Sense, See the Invisible, Empathic Transmission
Value: Alive: 1200 to 1800 (not sold in human communities), Fur: 300 to 600, Meat: 100 to 300
Average Life Span: 80 to 120 years (The older produce the sweeter meat and softer coats)
Habitat: Prefer cold climates near mountainous regions.
Range: Lower Northern Wilderness, Land of the Damned, Ophid Grasslands but can be found near Mount Nimro (thanks to the giants). Those creatures will have shorter fur.
Language: Not Applicable
Enemies: Not Applicable
Allies: Not Applicable
Size: Twelve feet tall and sixteen to twenty feet across
Weight: 1400 lbs.
Notes: These timid and shy creatures are a bit jumpy (-3 to initiative) and will bite and ram those they do not know or like. They tend to adopt certain individuals after 1D6 months and consider them part of the herd. At that point they will not jump at their approach and will not run away.

Monday, August 19, 2013

New Palladium Creature: Shinnies

Shinies (Revised)
The Shinies are a mild peaceful collective of creatures, which love all things shiny. They love shiny things so much that the mischievous creatures will use their magic to acquire it. Silver spoons to Rune Swords its all the same to the Shinies. They just want to get their hands on it. Their initial attack is to wait for the victims to sleep then use their magic to further induce sleep. Then “trade” the victims, their shiny thing, for something non-shiny. Those who catch on to the Shinies before they trade can negotiate with them for a larger “shiny” thing by giving them a smaller “shiny” thing, but that’s as far as they can be by in their trade can go.

 The Shinies have a dark side too. When the Shinies are attacked they are provoked to anger. They become so angry that they use their magic to subdue their target than bite the living day lights out of their victim (not to the death but to the pain). You can rob the dead only once is a common saying. Some die; those who survive usually do because of good armor or racial characteristics.

I.Q.: 2D6, M.E.: 2D6, M.A.: 4D6, P.S.: 1D6, P.P.: 2D6+3, P.E.: 1D6+4, P.B.: 3D6, Spd.: 4D6
Alignment: Scrupulous
Hit Points: P.E. +6
S.D.C.: 2D6
P.P.E.: 4D6+P.E.
Natural Armor Rating: 8
Natural Abilities: Climbing (90%), 90 foot night vision, keen normal vision and keen sense of hearing.
Combat: 1 attacks per melee
Damage: 1D6 per bite. 1D4 claw attack
Bonuses: +1 to strike, +3 to parry and dodge
Magic: The creature is capable of the following spells: Befuddle, Sleep, Cloud of Smoke, Blinding Flash, Mend Cloth, Fools Gold, Invisibility Simple, & Faeries Dance.
Psionics: None
Skills: Language: Faerie, and Gobblely 98%, Identifies Fruits and Plants, 75%, Preserve Food 75%, Land Navigation 98% (within a hundred miles of their place), Track Animals 35%, Preserve Food 80%, Faerie Lore 70%, Prowl 70%, Climb 90%, W.P.: Knife. Skills do not increase.
Average Life Span: 1200 years (not true immortal but to most races they seem so).
Habitat: Large Trees (60 feet or more) and heavy forests. They hate snow and will not come out in the winter.
Enemies: Dark Faeries, and creatures of evil alignments
Allies: Common Faeries and creatures of good alignments
Size: 1 foot tall
Weight: half a pound

Note: These creatures are very friendly (will give directions, play and such) and their only mischief is that they love things that are shiny and bright. They tend to get too close to humans just to see if they’ll "trade". If they are evil humans they tend to just steal knowing that the evil have no need for shiny things and can hurt them less if they went without. 

Image found at The Smallest User Blog

Saturday, August 10, 2013


Oscar was not supposed to survive the bioengineering test. He accidentally entered the test room and when he entered the door slammed shut with him inside.  He was only there to move clean some papers. No one can figure out what happened because the team has only used clones for ‘human’ testing.  With the death of each clone the project was doomed to fail. Mr. Cleaver was going to give the project the thumbs down in the week when Oscar went into that room.  Originally he was going to pick up the papers and leave but he knew that he was going to lose his job when the project so he decided to eat lunch in the room and with that thought he sat in a desk chair and leaned on the consul. It was his drink that spilled on the consul that sent off the project and the cellular modulation synthesizer turned on and fired at the only cellular creature in the room, Oscar. What happened next was a fat overweight and under paid maintenance man was transformed into a lean mean fighting machine.  The process could have been duplicated has the machine been turned off but while Oscar was being transformed the machine was overheating.  The explosion should have killed Oscar. It would be a month before Oscar would be released, skin severely burned, blind in one eye and right hand deformed. For several weeks after he healed but he could never use his hand nor see very well. Then it happened, the DNA that has been changed by the experiment kicked in. While sitting on a street corner begging for money, some thieves decided to rob him and out of defense he covered his face with his arms expecting the worse. From within a fire ignited and Oscar snapped. He was not going to be robbed again. As one villain raised his bat to strike the young man from Oscar’s withered hand a spinning blade fired and sawed the villain in half. The second assailant shocked, began to run but didn’t make it more than twenty feet before being killed by the same spinning blade that had killed the first creep. Because it was in the street alley ways, the death of the two was not witnessed. Oscar took the money and rebuilt himself to become the new vigilante SAW.

Real Name: Oscar Wilde
IQ: 12
ME: 11
MA: 10
PS: 8
PP:  5
PE: 8
PB: 7
SPD: 22

Alignment: Unprincipled
Height: 5’8”
Weight: 187
Level: 3
HP: 18
SDC: 40

Electronics Program
Pilot Basic Program
10 Secondaries

Side Effects: Chronic Pain
Nature of the Experiment: Radiation
General Type of Experiment:  Attempt o Create Superhero
Number of Abilities: 1 major, 2 minors
Sponsoring Organization: Gene Tech Labs (Military affiliated labs)
Status: Powers are unknown to the organization

Spinning Blades – Minor (An Original by me)
This power creates a series of energy disks spinning at high speed that cuts into Armor Ratings like they were rice paper but don’t do a whole lot of damage. These flying disks are under the complete control of the user. The disk is used like an energy expulsion in that they are instantly created and launch at their desired direction but spin out of control as soon as they are out of range.
·         Range of this power is 1000 feet (+20 feet per level of experience).
·         Damage from each blade is 3D6 (+1D6 at levels 3, 6, 9, 12, 15).
·         Victims have a -2 to armor rating and dodge. Characters cannot parry the energy unless they have a means of parrying energy.

Minor: Heighten Sense of Touch

Major: Shape Change

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Secrets of Cyberspace part 1

Randy looked up though his broken glasses. The rim on the right size was tapped and he had not taken time to have it replaced.
"What do you want Marlin?"
Standing over him was a large structured man and was one of the QB's in college.He had his hair pulled back in a pony tail and a large grin showing his perfect teeth.His arms were loaded with a reams worth of paper. As he let it go it banged on the desk with a thud.
"What the...?"
Randy was about to jump up but Marlin's face didn't change.
"We... and I mean you... are pulling an all nighter."
"Don't interrupt NERD... as I was saying "we" are pulling an all nighter. Professor Jones as commissioned us to exercise the fullest extent on a theory on a new dimension called Cyberspace."
The college freshman's face changed to one of disgust and frustration.
The Proof says that there is an additional dimension besides the two that he discovered and wants us to write on his theories of this new digital dimension.
"The internet?"
Randy was now pissed. He was sure that this ape was playing with him.
"No Jefferson..."
"What ever! He wants us to explore the possibility that there is life in Cyberspace."
"Whats the papers?"
"The Proof says that these papers are text written by an ancient race of beings that have seen and lived in the realm."
"Oh no. I am not being sucked into this. I have a date tonight this will wait!"
"No Nerd, it won't. The Proof says that some of these scrolls have supposed ancient mystic properties that lead to the dimension and we are going to figure out what it is and form a hypothessss...... hypooothaaaa..."
"Yea, that and then figure out a way to get to this place."
Marlin stood back his face a glow with what he said.Randy was not amused.
"Yup. Get started."
Marlin turned on his heal with the intention of walking out.
"No", Randy spoke mater-of-fact.
Marlins face changed. He slammed his fists down on the desk and got into Randy's face. The expression was that of rage and Randy was certain that he could kill him if he got the chance.Randy back down his face that expressed courage and disgust was now scrambling to adjust the broken lenses on his face.
"Listen Nerd! I knew that you would not cooperate so you had your chance and this research is going to be done."
Randy was seized by the nap of his collar and pulled into Marlins face. From behind Marlin the sound of the door opening came.

Image provided by Millennium Nazis