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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Players in Cyberspace

Razor Face and Angel Eyes prowled gingerly. The dark in cyberspace was rare but it was appreciated.
"Players, I hate them. Why doesn't the Hunters look for them?"
Razor Face could only look at his companion. Poor ignorant ken doll didn't know.
"They're part of the system." RF replied.  "They are humans playing avatars. They are not even here."
"Your kidding right?"
RF could only give the noob a look. He shook his head then placed his finger to his lips.
"They're here" he said in an almost nonexistent tone. 
From thirty feet above the two Nightbane two white boney thin beings. Their faces where blank except a for a question mark. The being was armed to the teeth with bladed and automatic weapons. Their movement was silent; their senses sharp.
Razor Face looked at the new Nightbane and signaled him to duck low. The inexperienced Nightbane botched the move and knocked over some loose boxes. With cat like reflexes the Player was now on them. It look the risk and jumped down the thirty foot jump. Angel Eyes shot at he create as it was descending. He was lucky. Hit it square in the chest. The creature crashed by hitting a dumpster then the ground.
"Your worried about this guy?" Angel Eyes began to walk toward the fallen Player. He warmed up his hands for a second Shadow Blast.
The senior Nightbane with his face covered in cuts and the eyes gouged out stood back "Finish it or run boy."
"Whats he going to do?" Angel Eyes was now getting cocky. He strut up the the fallen creature that lay motionless.
Razor Face started running. He didnt have the Talent to shoot the creature.
"Where ya going?"
Angel Eyes attention had been taken off the Player that was now healing at a pace that equaled the Nightbane. He didn't see the Player stand but he did hear the Modem Call of the creature.
The young Nightbane quickly whipped around and Shadow Blasted the creature again. He kept shooting until the creature was in two pieces.
"There is nothing to worry about. He's dead."
"Run boy. That dead one isn't the one to worry about. His scream is the Players call. He was calling his buddies to kill us both. "
"We are just points to them, just points."
The two raced back into the dark like silhouette. The new Nightbane was going to learn about Cyberspace and this was the first lesson. is where I got this image.