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Sunday, September 8, 2013

Heroes Unlimited: The Beginning of a Saga

Nate and I have pondered on a 3 part Heroes Unlimited Saga. The first part would highlight a group of heroes that were coming of age. They would sort of start out much like a minor hero or a low powered hero. Nevertheless, they would have great potential. Nate suggests that they be teenagers. Thus, they might have great power but inexperience in using that said power. However it is spun, this first part is about finding out what it means to be a hero.

The second part would be an extention of where our heroes end up pending the first part. We would either continue playing the same heroes with minor modifications, or design new characters. Regardless, our previous heroes who have "all grown up" will either be PC's or NPC's in this next installment. The focus of the second part in the saga would be we are distinguished heroes, known throughout the world. We discover a huge catastrophy and become "Earth's Only Hope". This part will focus on becoming a global level hero.

The final part in the Hero Saga, our second characters again are turned into NPC's. Our new heroes continue where we left off, discovering that the global plot has become even greater. We discover we are not alone on this floating rock, and the threats up there may decimate humanity. Thus, "we take to the stars" to unseed the greater plot and defend the Earth once more in an epic galactic struggle. The theme of this final campaign is how and when a hero becomes "Cosmic!"

Each of these campaigns would stretch for a year a piece. But they do not have to be played consecutively. Thus, my proposal would be the first installment of this saga, The Prelude of Heroes...