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Friday, September 20, 2013

Voting Suggestion

We have a lot of different game options for next year for our gaming group.  With all of them that are being posted, I think now is a great time to start narrowing down.

It was proposed that each potential GM only present one idea, so the best thing to do would be to put a response to this post with your preferred games for each potential GM.  This way, the most votes of their suggestions will be the one they will present.

Just tack it on in the comments section.  We should be nice and not allow GMs to vote on their own worlds, letting the rest of us have an unbiased choice.  Again, this is not for the final vote, just for the game that will be presented on Oct 4th.

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Nightbane: Broken Law

Option 5 (I think)

Heres an idea. The players play Nightbane (or the like) that have strong afiliations with a Truth Seekers club that goes missing. Clues left by the Seekers take them on a wild trip round the whole country. Meanwhile, a half trusting federal agent (that thinks that they are guilty of something and wants them to turn themselves in) is on their tail unaware that the Nightlords are also on their tail to stop the truth and the agent helping them.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Phase World: Runners

Characters are prisoners of the 'Empire' (I havent named it yet, maybe the Human Alliance or Coalition), a small empire of six solar systems (that means at least 4 dozen planets and three times that in moons and space stations). They are attempting to join the CCW. The ship is attacked by pirates who have ambition of freeing some key players to their attempts to stop the empire from protection and expansion. The characters are left on the barge to die but are saved by the empire who wants to take down the pirates and keep a low involvement so that they can get in the CCW and look good to the inspectors. Its a race against the pirates and ill informed CCW and government officials. What government secrets will be revealed and what secrets will be hidden while attempting to get into the greatest free world empire in three galaxies.

This story will have a government similar to the Wolfen government in Palladium Fantasy (with its barage of sub governments), political intruge and each character will have a crimial past (I leave it up to the player to decide how they landed in jail; white collar crimes, political prisoner etc.). I hope to have some mystery and racing to get answers to what is really going on. It should be fun.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Regnum the Fall

Please enjoy this power point that describes why I think we should play this game.

The group I game with on Friday's is voting on our next campaign we will be playing for the next year. Each of us wishing to be a GM for the group will be posting our idea here as a new post. I have wanted to explore an idea for a new world. To those in the game, please post a comment. Don't vote yet, rather post a character you would like to play in my campaign. I have a fairly flushed out OP campaign site that should help answer most questions.

So I would like to introduce: