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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Phase World: Runners

Characters are prisoners of the 'Empire' (I havent named it yet, maybe the Human Alliance or Coalition), a small empire of six solar systems (that means at least 4 dozen planets and three times that in moons and space stations). They are attempting to join the CCW. The ship is attacked by pirates who have ambition of freeing some key players to their attempts to stop the empire from protection and expansion. The characters are left on the barge to die but are saved by the empire who wants to take down the pirates and keep a low involvement so that they can get in the CCW and look good to the inspectors. Its a race against the pirates and ill informed CCW and government officials. What government secrets will be revealed and what secrets will be hidden while attempting to get into the greatest free world empire in three galaxies.

This story will have a government similar to the Wolfen government in Palladium Fantasy (with its barage of sub governments), political intruge and each character will have a crimial past (I leave it up to the player to decide how they landed in jail; white collar crimes, political prisoner etc.). I hope to have some mystery and racing to get answers to what is really going on. It should be fun.


AZ RUNE said...

"Do ever look at the stars anymore?"

The two men pause for a second in the bushes looking up, both are tired and one of them looks around the area and the taller man looks up.

"Why the f**k would I do that here, once we get orbit and find us a jump gate I see stars smearing themselves across the view screen, Zavier keep moving the FWC needs us to get back!"

The shorter man ran as Zavier watched him looking this way and that. He followed behind the shorter man studying him, Koonz said he knew a way off to get the TGE planet home to the Skaa. Koonz said he had bombing plans off so the Free World Council could warn a dozen systems of coming raids. Except, Koonz didn't look as though he was trying to find his way forward, but looking for something nearby.

What Koonz never knew was Zavier had a small shuttle stationed nearby on a moon. He had seen the plans and put them back in Koonz's gearsack. They passed another ridge and he saw a TGE shuttle on an abandoned strip of thermacrete. So, it had been at one point used for space travel, but where did the shuttle come from and why was it here. Zavier it a button on his belt and a powerful white noise generator went off a second after a burst communication left for his nearby shuttle.

AZ RUNE said...

"Did you hear that? What is that buzzing," asked Koonz.

Hmmm, he's can hear that frequency range and knows something's up thought Zavier. As Koonz began to look back Zavier pat him on the back and slip something into his sack.

"Now who's stopped to look at stars, man?"

The only warning he got was the wide eyed look of fear in Koonz's eyes and the light of the moon going out behind him.

The attacker was a humanoid torso, serpentine race known as the Skaa, and it was coming for blood! Zavier grabbed Koonz and rolled out of the way as 1000 pounds came crashing on the planet surface!

"AHHHHHHHHH AHhhhhhhhhh!!!!" screamed Koonz who made a break for the TGE shuttle.

"The FWC will never die!!" cried Zavier and he lunged at the Skaa.

"Pitiful human scum!!" cried the Skaa

The fighting was furious and rolling ever closer to the shuttle. Koonz made it to the door and used a key card to get in and start the engines! He looked back at the man that had helped him escape through the invisisteel window.

"Take off sh!tH**d!!! Warn the FWCaaa cough, cough" cried Zavier getting strangled by the Skaa warrior wearing a TGE breastplate of blasterplastic.

Koonz started the engine and watched Zavier get tossed at the shuttle and bounce off the hull as he took off.

The scrawny shorter man had made it to orbit and freedom, he felt bad for Zavier, wait he looked at the scanner where had that blip come from? He looked up through the invisisteel window in time to see a shuttle de-cloak and heading right for him with no pilot!

From the planet below the explosion was impressive!

"You go through more shuttles than anyone I know." The skaa looked at Zavier

"That, Tarvas, is because you don't know anyone else!" replied Zavier

"Cheap shot, human"



"Your a dick."

Tarvas handed Zavier a medical kit with nanites for repairing the busted shoulder and numerous cuts, from the bite and venom buring his veins.

"So, Zavier, will this prove to the FWC I want to help and I want my people free of the TGE and f**king Kreeghor?"

"Its a compelling case, but taking your race away from the Kreeghor would be a major blow! I will run it up personally."

"Was it necessary for the short one to die?"

"Tarvas, I like that it bothers you, never loose that," Zavier continued, "When I saw the plans, and the hidden stash of the TGE credits I realized they were bribing Koonz to try an out me and get him to turn on his people. You confirmed it when you approached me for help about freeing your people knowing the whole of the Invincible Gaurdsmen will try and find you and kill you. Now my intel on their recent defection has also been via you and sent to the FWC to make you an asset. After I sent my burst communication I set a homing beacon with a destruct code in his bag. Once he was close enough my ship was to arrive cloaked and then drop to visible and engage ramming speed."

The Skaa looked at the human, "If I ever actually piss you off give me the chance to apologize, okay?"

Zavier chuckled, "Sure, once."

The Skaa realized that was the first smile he had seen on the human's face that was genuine and not an act.

(Fade to Black)

I would like to play either of the two characters that survived in this story.

AZ RUNE said...

Sorry, I was scanning through the books and I was guessing at terms for materials and stuff.

killervp said...

Kill Koonz!
Would really enjoy a Phase World campaign- tell me more!

Jayson said...

I would love to play the sort of ambassador/diplomat turned spy. Because he has seen too much he was imprisoned, maybe even sold to this smaller government trying to get into the CCW. At any rate I end up on this prisoner barge that is ransacked by the pirates...a good thing too, because I learn that a bounty hunter was waiting at our destination ready to sqeeze a piece of lead right into my head once we arrived in an outer rim consetration camp. Someone still wants me dead for the information I know. I need to get the information to a particular part of the galaxy before war breaks out and decimates a whole race...only problem is I can't really tell anyone this because it could escalate things. I figure if I insulate myself with the group I may be able to buffer myself from would-be assassins. I will also try to use my gifts of persuasion and charm to work my way to the part of the galaxy I need to be to deposit my information.

I don't know of a particular race or even OCC to pick. But I would need someone with great people skills and stealth. I won't be much of a fighter, but might be able to provide a bit of magic or psionics to add to the mix. Anyone have any suggestions of races and OCC's???

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Nate, still waiting for more....