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Thursday, December 13, 2007


Adamantoplasma is the fifth phase of matter. As pure energy condenses, it begins to follow the principles theorized by Einstein (E=MC2), energy is converted into matter. The matter is unstable due to the escaping non-materialized energy. To prevent the loss of matter, adamantoplasma requires a containing energy field (such as a magnetic field, a telekinetic field, or a ionic field). In short, adamantoplasma consists of small particles of matter surrounded by a matrix of pure energy. Each of these two substances are in constant resonance and flux. The energy matrix is much like a glue holding the matter together and providing a versatile shapeable form. Due to the constant flux between solid condensed energy to pure energy , adamantoplasma has properties of both of solid matter and pure energy. As the matter phases to energy one can observe a faint glow emanating from the matter. This glow is the escaping energy manifesting as visible and invisible photon emissions. All of these qualities give adamantoplasmic objects their unique properties. Adamantoplasmic properties can be control by the use of a proper containment field. Thus, the matter can be forced to display a solid form or the pure energy form as desired.

Research has found that telekinetic fields are the best containment fields for creating and harnessing adamantoplasma due to their versatility. Telekinesis allows the matter to be molded and bent into any any shape. Furthermore, this psionically based field can trigger the matter to react like pure energy; shifting from tangible to intangible with a mere thought.

Certain beings naturally are able to condense energy into adamantoplasma, while experimentation has shown that humans can also be endowed with this ability through brain stimulants and organic transplants. The manifestations of the ability to create and manipulate adamantoplasma are extensive. When given a stable energy source the creations are relatively endless.

NEW POWER: Matter Expulsion: Adamantoplasma (Major)
(see Comments that will follow for details in this power)

Mater Expulsion: Adamantoplasma
Range: 300 feet
Damage: 4D6 +2D6 per level of experience
Those immune to energy and kenetic attacks will feel no effect but if they are immune to one or the other will experience half damage; otherwise there is full damage to the character.