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Saturday, January 23, 2010


I know that I have not been writing for a while but I have not really had the mood for the such. I love to write but I am a bit of a show off and with no audience I tend to veer off and attempt to discover myself in the mean time.
Recently I acquired an iPod and have been listening to the podcasts of several Palladium Fans. One of these days I want to be part of one and actually talk to Matthew Daye the author of Gateway of the Megaverse. I know that I have only been published twice but I would like to converse with someone that actually writes for Palladium. They have been talking about the 2010 gaming session gathering (times like this I wish that I could spend more time at home and have time for that kind of vacation). At any rate, I am writing again and hope that I blog more too. I have put some ideas on the back burner until the fire for them kicks in again and am working on some other projects. Wish me luck.