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Friday, September 6, 2013

Blake Chronicles (Option 2)

It is Chicago, 1926.  The prohibition era is in full swing and criminals jockey for position in the seedy underworld that is this iconic city of the past.

Not all of these criminals are human.

The players take on the roles of individuals devoted to dealing with the supernatural.  This is a continuation of an ongoing campaign that most of the players in our group have played already.  For information about who is who, and what is up, visit the campaign on Obsidian Portal:

This will be using the Dresden Files RPG system with is a variant of the FATE system.  There are few, if any, house rules, and mostly deal with how Fate points are awarded.  We are all familiar with the system and would be ready and willing to teach the new guy the ropes :)

It's Good to be Evil (Option 1)

The gods of Chaos and Order are fighting for supremacy.  Both are, at their core, inimical to life.  In a truly, purely, ordered universe, nothing would change.  Life requires change.  In a universe taken to it’s absolute entropic endpoint, there is no order, no progress, or in other words, no life.

Life, however, finds a way.

The Eternal Emperor, may he live forever, has ruled the nation of Hallering for the last thousand years.  It has not been an era of peace, but neither is it one of conflict.  It seems to have been an era of normalcy, as far as that is concerned.

When a man who has lived for a thousand years occupies the throne, some in the nobility feel that he is out of touch.  One such noble has gathered together a small group of evil minded individuals.

Heroes, in general, need a good reason to go off and upset the status quo.  They need a tyrant.  They need the common folk oppressed.  They need a cause they can get behind and feel, well, heroic in supporting.

Villains, however, need no such reasons.  Give them an incentive (money, blood, and mayhem are often enough) and they’ll jump to any task you present them.

This will be an extended adventure length story for characters of level 1+.  We’ll be using some variant of the D&D system.  It will likely either be Pathfinder or D&D Next (I have the playtest materials).  Both of those are free materials, so there would be no buy in cost.  

House Rules:
Magic:  I should be getting the Spheres of Power playtest materials before this begins so we will NOT be using the standard Vancian magic system of D&D.  The Spheres of Power system is supposed to let you play the magic you want as soon as you start, not at level 6 or higher.  We shall see.

Races: Evil races and even monster races allowed.  We’ll be using the Pathfinder race rules.  You will start in XP debt equal to the number of levels your race confers.  For non monster non standard races, it is 1 level  per 10 RP rounded up.  Debt is only incurred for values greater than 1.  Because of problems with monster races the last time we did this, you will start at a level equal to the CR as your race.  When debt + cost of the next level has been paid, you will gain your first class level.  Yes, this basically means you are multiclassing.  Yes it means you get ‘free’ levels.  You will pay for these over the course of play.  You also ‘pay’ for these in other ways, as you are a multiclass character.  Round fractions for CR down.  The DM reserves the right to disallow any race choice if it would be too unbalancing. ABSOLUTELY NO IMPS, DEVILS, OR OTHER INFERNALS.

Alternative options:  As there are some people in the group who have a problem with playing evil characters we could alter this to being It’s Good to be Neutral.  All of the characters would need to be True Neutral, or in other words devoted to the balance between good and evil/Law and Chaos.

Rifts(r): Dragon Kings

Our gaming group is voting on our next campaign we will be playing for the next year every other Friday night. Each potential GM will be posting their ideas here as a new post. I have several ideas that I am wanting to explore, so does Nate. For the gang, please post a comment to each posted idea. Don't vote yet, rather post a plausible character you would like to play in that campaign given the restraints of the respective GM.

So without further ado, I would like to GM a Rifts Campaign.
We can't actually profess to support Palladium Megaversal System, and not have a Rifts campaign under our belts! Rifts is a huge universe with LOTS of munchkinism. This makes it a bit difficult to control the story. But I believe I have a great angle:

"Rifts now riddle the Earth. D-Bee's are now among us. Humans are divided throughthe world, choosing sides of Machine vs Magic. But, that is not our real threat! For centuries dragons have been thought to be extinct. Now the Rifts have brought them back. Many humans believe they are wise and are here to help man...but this could not be further from the truth. Unravel the hidden resurfacing of the dragons. Uncover their motives and orginaztion. And vanquish them from Rifts Earth before all humanity is lost. Your party will have to unite the political factions of humans and D-Bees to battle this growing threat. But don't be pulled into the already rampant war going on between the humans, else you will lose!

Thought the Spluggorth were bad, the DRAGON KINGS will rock their world!!

Type of Characters: The only O.C.C. and R.C.C. that would be off limits would be a Dragon, since they will be the main antagonist. You will want to have a character that believes in the preservation of THIS world. Furthermore, you will be going toe to toe with hordes of keep that in mind. I am excited to see your character submissions!