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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Secrets of Cyberspace part 1

Randy looked up though his broken glasses. The rim on the right size was tapped and he had not taken time to have it replaced.
"What do you want Marlin?"
Standing over him was a large structured man and was one of the QB's in college.He had his hair pulled back in a pony tail and a large grin showing his perfect teeth.His arms were loaded with a reams worth of paper. As he let it go it banged on the desk with a thud.
"What the...?"
Randy was about to jump up but Marlin's face didn't change.
"We... and I mean you... are pulling an all nighter."
"Don't interrupt NERD... as I was saying "we" are pulling an all nighter. Professor Jones as commissioned us to exercise the fullest extent on a theory on a new dimension called Cyberspace."
The college freshman's face changed to one of disgust and frustration.
The Proof says that there is an additional dimension besides the two that he discovered and wants us to write on his theories of this new digital dimension.
"The internet?"
Randy was now pissed. He was sure that this ape was playing with him.
"No Jefferson..."
"What ever! He wants us to explore the possibility that there is life in Cyberspace."
"Whats the papers?"
"The Proof says that these papers are text written by an ancient race of beings that have seen and lived in the realm."
"Oh no. I am not being sucked into this. I have a date tonight this will wait!"
"No Nerd, it won't. The Proof says that some of these scrolls have supposed ancient mystic properties that lead to the dimension and we are going to figure out what it is and form a hypothessss...... hypooothaaaa..."
"Yea, that and then figure out a way to get to this place."
Marlin stood back his face a glow with what he said.Randy was not amused.
"Yup. Get started."
Marlin turned on his heal with the intention of walking out.
"No", Randy spoke mater-of-fact.
Marlins face changed. He slammed his fists down on the desk and got into Randy's face. The expression was that of rage and Randy was certain that he could kill him if he got the chance.Randy back down his face that expressed courage and disgust was now scrambling to adjust the broken lenses on his face.
"Listen Nerd! I knew that you would not cooperate so you had your chance and this research is going to be done."
Randy was seized by the nap of his collar and pulled into Marlins face. From behind Marlin the sound of the door opening came.

Image provided by Millennium Nazis