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Friday, May 15, 2009

More Cyberspawn: Cache Dump

I havent writen in a while on this blog but I have been working on a bunch of little stories to illistrate what Cyberspace looks like. Heres a story for your enjoyment.

Cache Dump

Visit 1

It was called the Cache Dump; the horrid place where hundreds of Free Coders were placed when they were discovered. Mr. White was the director. Only once did I meet with him and I will never forget how awful the place was.

“Good evening, Commissioner. I take it that your trip went well?”

Mr. White sat across from his desk with a large toothed grin. His mouth was unusual as it he articulated each word coming out. His pinstriped suit didn't suit his name at all but his hair did; bleach blond. His wiry body poured himself a cup of coffee.

“Would you care to join me?”

I could only shake my head. Behind him like a trophy was a body in a stretched out form about six feet off the ground. Wrapped about it was wires of every color and size entering and exiting every orifice, suffering. Only once did the body crucified to the wall twitch as if to fight the very thing that held it. The head was fixed to the left and the eye followed me as I spoke. I couldn't help but watch the tear run down their cheek as we spoke.

“Very well then, to what do I owe the privilege of your visit?” Mr. White wasn't fazed at all by the amount of bodies that now upon closer examination decorated the furniture, walls and ceiling.

“I want to speak about the Beast,” I suddenly blurted. The imagery was truly horrifying.

“What about it?” He only took a moment to look up from the saucer that he was sipping from. He was so calm it was disturbing. Those eyes were like small white saucers with a small dot in the middle.

“Well this is the most informed place in all of Cyberspace. I want to know what have you picked from the minds caught here. When will it strike?”

The question seemed to stun him for a moment. He paused to think then stared at the ceiling. “Frankly Commissioner, I don't know. You see thousands of minds are admitted here daily and all of that must be sorted and cataloged. I frankly have not had the time to find the Beast with all the work that has piled on my desk.”

His desk was clear except a body locked inside behind the glass shape with a face locked in a scream and I am sure it would have screamed if its mouth was not occupied by the contents of his desk.

“Metaphorically speaking of course”. He continued after I had unconscionably raised an eyebrow.

“Well,” I continued, “you will keep me informed when word gets to your ears.”

“Oh yes indeed I will” He crossed his legs and sipped again. “Indeed I will”, he repeated. He put down his drink got up, walked around the desk and extended his hand to shake mine. His smile was eerie but warm.

That was six months ago. I still have not received any word from Mr. White as to his progress but I am heading towards the Dump as others call it now and will get more information.

Visit 2

Mr. White eagerly greeted me when I arrived at the Dump.

“You'll be glad to know Commissioner that I have heard word of the Beast and when it will strike as well as some of its chief targets.”

I couldn't smile but nodded politely.

“But first,” he continued with his perfect white smile, “let me show you of our processing procedure.”

I winced at the thought as I recalled the bodies everywhere, but politely smiled and gestured for him to lead the way.

From the comfort of his “Game Cube” we watched as his drones took one of their victims and roughly place him (or was it her) against the live wall that was being built by the Dump's self building sequence. Thousands of small and large wires came alive when the body was placed against it and began sewing the body into the works pinning it down and assimilating the body in a matter of minutes. The victim was only able to scream for a moment while the wires did their magic and found their place inside the mind and body of its new host. Shortly the screaming stopped. The eyes of the victim were constantly looking for salvation but from our view showed none.

Mr. White jumped out his chair after the experience. “I completely forgot my manors; tea or coffee?”

I didn't speak. I could only watch in complete amazement as he poured himself some more coffee with out the least remorse for what had just happened. After pouring himself a cup he spun on his heal. “I'm sorry, you didn't reply. Is everything alright?”

All I could do is feel sick to my stomach. “No. Uh... yes”, I said shaking my head slowly, “everything is fine. Is that the process of acquiring data?”

Mr White ignored my expression. He was engulfed in his drink sipping it slowly and enjoying the process of acquiring data. He watched for a moment before remembered to answer the question.

“Oh yes you asked a question and the answer is an astounding Yes”, he said mater-of-factually. “Its quite interesting what is gained by complete assimilation and watching it isn't half bad either. Surely you didn't think that we here at the Dump were going to interrogate and spend months weeding though lies and allegations. This is the 21st century Commissioner. The process must be quick if we are going to get ahead of all the riffraff that is swarming around. Yes I know that it looks crewel but I assure you that all the data is perfectly safe and can be recalled at a moments notice.”

We had a nice talk about the Beast but for the life of me I couldn't recall it because of the sharp imagery permanently burned in my mind. Mr. White is one very dangerous individual. Other sites are not so dangerous.