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Saturday, December 3, 2011

Templar Cyberspace Teaser

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The room was dark, the Knights of the Templar sat in at the traditional round showing vialed faces. “We have a problem,” said the first. “Our secrets are in danger of exposure and are no longer safe on our secured network.”
“If you are making reference to the Beast, Brother Thomas, it can be taken care of.”
“It will not be 'taken care of' Brother Thane. Ours is a hidden database that has never been seen or heard. We have fought against the Nightbane and their Nightprinces and Nightlords for nearly two millennium. We do not need exposure now.”
“But the Beast could undo it all,” came a third voice.
“Hardly! We helped create the computer network that man uses and we can undo the Beast that we created as the watchman.”
“Not so, Brother Thane. The creature that was once just numbers and letters has become a thriving sentient being and hides from us. It will not be easily found nor destroyed. We will need someone from the outside.”
The old knight shot to his feet. Blasphemy! We could never let someone in.”
“Please brother, sit down. Who said we'd let anyone in, truly? They will be hired pawns just as we have done in the past.”
The man slowly began to sit himself. “You mean the Bane, don't you?” The man spoke with vinegar in his voice.
“Yes, they are disposable. They think that they can fool us with their own holy war and we are not so easily fooled. They will be taken care of in their own due time.”
“Whom do you have in mind?”
“There is one that calls herself the Net Deamon”.
As they began unwrapping their plan the room began to become easy again.