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Monday, October 26, 2009

Girls and Gaming

I was talking to my pal today and the subject of women and gaming came up. Now girls don't do much gaming but in Utah there is one group that is a all girl group that play. My pal got the chance to GM the group and the funny thing was that he said that they are as bad as guys. They are as much as hackers as guys (at least so he says). They are fighters and not investigators.
Now when I was a GM that there were two gals in my group and they were the lead thinkers in my team. The guys were a bit impulsive (and played into my stories); it was fun but the girls who were the thinkers bailed out their bacon. Now it didn't happen all the time.
I got to thinking what is the difference between the girls that game and the guys?
I don't just want to mention sex as that is a bit bias and perhaps sexist too; so again lets examine it. My first and only thought on the matter is a woman gamer is more inclined to think before cutting into the action. This is not to say that they will not hack the villain to pieces, just they will take their time considering the consequences. That's it. Oh sure there is that time of the month but I would not count that in as gaming occurs so often during the month that its almost irrelevant. Some would like to say that they get more emotionally involved but again they are gamers so that is unpredictable.
Ok I did think of one other thing, now that I think about it. When men play (at least for me) I want men to play men and women to play women, that way when I picture the heroine in rune bikini armor there is not a goatee burning my imagination and ruining that pleasant image. Heaven knows that I love a woman's physique and I just believe that men should not play that roll.
At any rate, that's today's rant.