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Saturday, August 10, 2013


Oscar was not supposed to survive the bioengineering test. He accidentally entered the test room and when he entered the door slammed shut with him inside.  He was only there to move clean some papers. No one can figure out what happened because the team has only used clones for ‘human’ testing.  With the death of each clone the project was doomed to fail. Mr. Cleaver was going to give the project the thumbs down in the week when Oscar went into that room.  Originally he was going to pick up the papers and leave but he knew that he was going to lose his job when the project so he decided to eat lunch in the room and with that thought he sat in a desk chair and leaned on the consul. It was his drink that spilled on the consul that sent off the project and the cellular modulation synthesizer turned on and fired at the only cellular creature in the room, Oscar. What happened next was a fat overweight and under paid maintenance man was transformed into a lean mean fighting machine.  The process could have been duplicated has the machine been turned off but while Oscar was being transformed the machine was overheating.  The explosion should have killed Oscar. It would be a month before Oscar would be released, skin severely burned, blind in one eye and right hand deformed. For several weeks after he healed but he could never use his hand nor see very well. Then it happened, the DNA that has been changed by the experiment kicked in. While sitting on a street corner begging for money, some thieves decided to rob him and out of defense he covered his face with his arms expecting the worse. From within a fire ignited and Oscar snapped. He was not going to be robbed again. As one villain raised his bat to strike the young man from Oscar’s withered hand a spinning blade fired and sawed the villain in half. The second assailant shocked, began to run but didn’t make it more than twenty feet before being killed by the same spinning blade that had killed the first creep. Because it was in the street alley ways, the death of the two was not witnessed. Oscar took the money and rebuilt himself to become the new vigilante SAW.

Real Name: Oscar Wilde
IQ: 12
ME: 11
MA: 10
PS: 8
PP:  5
PE: 8
PB: 7
SPD: 22

Alignment: Unprincipled
Height: 5’8”
Weight: 187
Level: 3
HP: 18
SDC: 40

Electronics Program
Pilot Basic Program
10 Secondaries

Side Effects: Chronic Pain
Nature of the Experiment: Radiation
General Type of Experiment:  Attempt o Create Superhero
Number of Abilities: 1 major, 2 minors
Sponsoring Organization: Gene Tech Labs (Military affiliated labs)
Status: Powers are unknown to the organization

Spinning Blades – Minor (An Original by me)
This power creates a series of energy disks spinning at high speed that cuts into Armor Ratings like they were rice paper but don’t do a whole lot of damage. These flying disks are under the complete control of the user. The disk is used like an energy expulsion in that they are instantly created and launch at their desired direction but spin out of control as soon as they are out of range.
·         Range of this power is 1000 feet (+20 feet per level of experience).
·         Damage from each blade is 3D6 (+1D6 at levels 3, 6, 9, 12, 15).
·         Victims have a -2 to armor rating and dodge. Characters cannot parry the energy unless they have a means of parrying energy.

Minor: Heighten Sense of Touch

Major: Shape Change

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Jayson said...

Great Minor power. The range is a bit excessive. Think at level one that is more than 3 football fields (goal line to goal line) away. I would recommend that it be a very powerful Melee power that has some potential as a Ranged attack. Think about the blades starting out as large circular forms of energy that spin just above the backside of the forearm. They can be wielded like a melee weapon. These discs would be about a foot and half in diameter. Then the disc can be flung or fired like an energy expulsion weapon. As it travels through the air, much of the energy is lost as a propulsion. This reduces the size of the disc and its damage the longer it travels through the air. This means that at long range it has less effectiveness. This would be a very unique ability. Something with very interesting rules.