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Monday, August 19, 2013

New Palladium Creature: Shinnies

Shinies (Revised)
The Shinies are a mild peaceful collective of creatures, which love all things shiny. They love shiny things so much that the mischievous creatures will use their magic to acquire it. Silver spoons to Rune Swords its all the same to the Shinies. They just want to get their hands on it. Their initial attack is to wait for the victims to sleep then use their magic to further induce sleep. Then “trade” the victims, their shiny thing, for something non-shiny. Those who catch on to the Shinies before they trade can negotiate with them for a larger “shiny” thing by giving them a smaller “shiny” thing, but that’s as far as they can be by in their trade can go.

 The Shinies have a dark side too. When the Shinies are attacked they are provoked to anger. They become so angry that they use their magic to subdue their target than bite the living day lights out of their victim (not to the death but to the pain). You can rob the dead only once is a common saying. Some die; those who survive usually do because of good armor or racial characteristics.

I.Q.: 2D6, M.E.: 2D6, M.A.: 4D6, P.S.: 1D6, P.P.: 2D6+3, P.E.: 1D6+4, P.B.: 3D6, Spd.: 4D6
Alignment: Scrupulous
Hit Points: P.E. +6
S.D.C.: 2D6
P.P.E.: 4D6+P.E.
Natural Armor Rating: 8
Natural Abilities: Climbing (90%), 90 foot night vision, keen normal vision and keen sense of hearing.
Combat: 1 attacks per melee
Damage: 1D6 per bite. 1D4 claw attack
Bonuses: +1 to strike, +3 to parry and dodge
Magic: The creature is capable of the following spells: Befuddle, Sleep, Cloud of Smoke, Blinding Flash, Mend Cloth, Fools Gold, Invisibility Simple, & Faeries Dance.
Psionics: None
Skills: Language: Faerie, and Gobblely 98%, Identifies Fruits and Plants, 75%, Preserve Food 75%, Land Navigation 98% (within a hundred miles of their place), Track Animals 35%, Preserve Food 80%, Faerie Lore 70%, Prowl 70%, Climb 90%, W.P.: Knife. Skills do not increase.
Average Life Span: 1200 years (not true immortal but to most races they seem so).
Habitat: Large Trees (60 feet or more) and heavy forests. They hate snow and will not come out in the winter.
Enemies: Dark Faeries, and creatures of evil alignments
Allies: Common Faeries and creatures of good alignments
Size: 1 foot tall
Weight: half a pound

Note: These creatures are very friendly (will give directions, play and such) and their only mischief is that they love things that are shiny and bright. They tend to get too close to humans just to see if they’ll "trade". If they are evil humans they tend to just steal knowing that the evil have no need for shiny things and can hurt them less if they went without. 

Image found at The Smallest User Blog

1 comment:

Jayson said...

Horror Factor of 8? Let's not get carried away. These seem like cute creatures, not ones you would run and hide from. Spd of 2D6 sounds more appropriate for a 1 foot creature. They would "zig-zaggers, rather than full out sprinters.

They need a predator as an enemy. Think about it. If they are immortal, and they can breed like a rodent. BAM! The whole world is over run with these pests.

Last thing, I suggest that they only have one attack per melee. They really are not trained to fight. Thus, per the rules they would have one combat action OR two non-combat actions. Three would be insane! Think about hundred of these 1-foot creatures all wanting to attack. That is 300 attacks with a significant strike bonus that all do 1D4-1D6 damage. If only half of them were successful attacks, then that could spell an average of 450 SDC!!!

Furthermore, Hit Poits of 100 of these Shinies would be a total of about 12,000 on average, with 1800 SDC's. That surpasses a dragon for sure, no? The attacks sure would.

I would also list what their penalty to be hit by a called shot would be, or by a ranged weapon because they are so small.

I guess what I am trying to say is, if this was the final draft, I would love to play a colony of just 10 of them as a single Player Character. It would be AWESOME!