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Saturday, August 24, 2013

New Palladium Creature: Warkor

Image is provided by monique robert studios.


Description: The warkor is a creature that is large like a rhino and tough like one too with this exception, the warkor is mild gentle and a grazer. This creature was a war mount of the Chaos Wars and when the war was over and it was time to put things in their place, because of bad memories, this creature was put behind the stone curtain of the Northern Wilderness to fend for itself.

These gentle giants are also in remote areas near the Nimro mountains and are used as a beast of burden and wagon pulling. This beast has a tougher meat and heaver hide just perfect for those rougher winters or giant lifestyle.
The creature might be bovine in behavior but has no horns but a tough thick skull and tusker like fangs. Their padded feet allow them to displace their immense weight evenly so that they can run and move. Jumping is not possible but rearing up on their hind legs is. Their roar can be heard for about a half mile and sounds like a tuba being blasted.

What makes this creature unique is that it has the inate ability to smell fairie mushrooms and decern from the poison ones. Those that hone this creature's tallents are able to get the mushroom and upon eating it gain a +20 to their P.P.E. for 24 hours until the effects of the magic fungus disipates. These creatures have become (because of this) coveted by man and fairie alike and can be found grazing near fairie rings protected by the fairie folk. 

Alignment: Scrupulous when trained; tends to nip at the hand that feeds it.
The Eight Attributes: I.Q.: 1D4 M.E.: 2D6 M.A.: 2D6 (they are irritable at times) P.S.: 5D6 (supernatural) P.P.: 2D6 P.E.: 4D6 P.B.: 2D6 Spd.: 5D6X2
Hit Points: P.E. + 10
S.D.C.: 1D6X10
Natural A.R.: 9
Horror Factor: 8 (due to their size)
P.P.E.: 2D6
O.C.C.: Not Applicable
Natural Abilities: The warkor spit and when they do it’s a lot of mucus (equal to a gallon).  The gallon of goop is similar to a camel or lamas spit; debilitating but does not hinder movement to much (-1 to strike parry and dodge). The bark from this creature can be heard for a half mile when they are angry but most of the time they are mild. The bark alerts other warkor of possible danger as well as their giant masters.
Attacks per Melee: 2 (slow)
Damage: When the creature bucks up, the stomp attack is horrifying (H.F.:12) and the victim may freeze in terror. They also bite with their razor sharp teeth. To those they know it’s a meager nip (1D4) but to those that they do not know it can be terrible 6D6. Also a shoulder block (body block or head butt) is hard on those who get impact even at a standstill. Stand still: 3D6 Ramming speed: 6D6.
Bonuses: +2 to strike, +2 to initiative
Magic: None
Psionics: Six Sense, See the Invisible, Empathic Transmission
Value: Alive: 1200 to 1800 (not sold in human communities), Fur: 300 to 600, Meat: 100 to 300
Average Life Span: 80 to 120 years (The older produce the sweeter meat and softer coats)
Habitat: Prefer cold climates near mountainous regions.
Range: Lower Northern Wilderness, Land of the Damned, Ophid Grasslands but can be found near Mount Nimro (thanks to the giants). Those creatures will have shorter fur.
Language: Not Applicable
Enemies: Not Applicable
Allies: Not Applicable
Size: Twelve feet tall and sixteen to twenty feet across
Weight: 1400 lbs.
Notes: These timid and shy creatures are a bit jumpy (-3 to initiative) and will bite and ram those they do not know or like. They tend to adopt certain individuals after 1D6 months and consider them part of the herd. At that point they will not jump at their approach and will not run away.

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Jayson said...

Great beast! A few points of confusion, in Bonuses they have a +2 to Initiative, but in Notes you give them a -3. Be more specific when that -3 is applicable, rather than just saying its jumpy. These beasts seem like they should be pretty tough; I feel 1D6x10 just doesn't do justice for a 12 ft creature. Consider either 2D6x10 or even 3D6x10. Even though I say this about their toughness, I don't believe they should be Supernaturally strong. That tag should be limited to mythic creatures. Unless, that is the direction you want to go. Think about a group getting a hold a a few half a dozen Warkors. They could pound the heck out of Demon and Dragon foes. Who needs a rune sword when you are riding a Warkor? Right? That is just my opinion.

If you do decide to take away the Supernatural label, you may consider increasing the P.S. attribute, or at least clarify how much they can lift/carry. The maximum number for 5D6 is only 30 which is technically still in human range. Does Palladium Fantasy have something similar to Robot Strength like in Rifts Ultimate Edition? If so, that is what this creature needs.