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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

More Paint

I didn't know that one of you would be so animate about the lack of a Alter Physical Structure: Paint. Just to let you know I did create it but never connected a character to it; until now...

No one knows who or what Graffiti is or was only that they talk always in the third person and that they are constantly laughing. Some speculate that the creature that was once Betty Irons is Graffiti as she was in a scaffolding accident that ended her billboard painting career. When she hit the ground there was a huge pile of colors as she was working with about 16 colors. No one could separate the blood from the paint and when she was carted away that was all anyone remembered. Months passed by and the incident was forgotten.
When Graffiti came into the picture she was a swirl of colors and the only thing true to a human being was that it was female in shape and had white pupils for eyes. Its first attack was against the very building that watched Betty fall. It would be 40 minutes before heroes would leave the building empty handed with two dead and forty injured. Since then Graffiti has been involved in hit and run assaults all throughout Century Station. There ins no real rhyme or reason as to why she does it only that she insure that its both painful and long; plus being a creature of paint and the toxic fumes from the paint doesn’t make it any easier.

Real Name: Unknown; its suspected that it is Betty Irons
Aliases: Calico Phantom
Legal Status: Wanted for murder and assault to both civilians and police
Alignment: Aberrant; it keeps children out of its rage
Attributes: I.Q.: 15, M.E.: 24, M.A.: 6, P.S.: 13, P.P.: 21, P.E.: 10, P.B.: 18, Spd.: 19
Hit Points: S.D.C.: 40
Weight: 130 (59 kg)
Height: 5’2” (137 cm)
Age: Unknown
Horror Factor: 16
Insanity: Claustrophobia; she is terrified of closed spaces.
Disposition: Manically laughs when they are sure that they cannot be seen; always with a crazy smile. Weather or not they have normal life is unknown.
Experience Level: 12
Combat Skills: Hand to Hand: Martial Arts
Attacks per Melee: 6
Combat Bonuses: +3 to roll, +3 to initiative, +3 to pull a punch, +2 to disarm, Body throw/Flip, +4 Damage, +5 to dodge, +5 to parry, +2 to strike
Other Bonuses: Jump attacks (all), Kick attacks (all), Critical Strike 18, 19 & 20, Paired Weapons, +9 vs. Horror Factor
Super Power Category: Mutant
Super Abilities
Major(s): Alter Physical Structure: Paint and Teleport (twice per round; counts as an attack)
Minor(s): Venomous Attack (see PU1 for a description of her toxic skin) and Horror Factor
Side Effects: When Graffiti teleports away, there is a light explosion of paint to everything in a 5 foot radius (like some one threw a can of paint 360 degrees). Graffiti knows this and usually waits until people are within range of her power and then teleports. She sticks around close enough to see what they look like when they exit the scene. Note: This is a poisonous attack and a save vs. Poison is needed.
Skills of Note: Art (98%), Detect Ambush (+15%), Intelligence (+15%), Track (+15%), Automotive Mechanics, Pilot: Motorcycle, Prowl, Streetwise, Math: Basic, Math: Advance, Language: French
Appearance: It appears as a hairless humanoid with a females shape. There is a constant swirl of color of all kinds that is in constant motion.
Occupation: Professional Assassin
Weapons: None; it likes to use its powers
Vehicles: None; it uses its powers to move long distances
Money: It has no need for money

Alter Physical Structure Paint – Major
The character is able to transform themselves into a live body of paint. When attacked, the character is immune to all kinetic attacks as they pass though the character. The character swarms with colors of every kind and can attempt to chameleon (30%). The chameleon character will look more like a painting of camouflage instead of a true chameleon. The character struggles to prowl due to the trail that they leave behind and paint fumes that, although not toxic, still faint (-10 to prowl) and unless there is an alternate source of the fumes, the penalty applies within 15 feet.

The character can use there powers in a number of ways.
Bucket of Paint – The character makes a large ball of paint that is used for deliberate attack at the eyes and/or face. The character then must save vs. non-lethal attack (16) or suffer the consequence of the burning of paint in their eyes and blindness (-10 to strike, parry, and dodge!). The blast radius of the attack is one yard for every three levels of experience (1, 4, 7, 10, and 13). The victim or target will be covered in a solid color of the characters choosing (generally the color that they have transformed themselves to).
Slippery Surface – The character sprays paint on a smooth surface so as to make it slippery with paint. Victims are -4 to strike, parry and dodge. The victim also suffers a penalty to their prowl (-30%) and must exercise caution to hide themselves.
Paint – The character is a master painter at a professional level and can mimic most paintings with ease (80% +1%)
Paint Chips – The character can create chips of paint that are hard as a diamond and razor sharp. Because this is a natural ability, the chips fly with amazing accuracy. The character can create as many as one chip every other level (one at first level, two at third level, etc.) The chips can be thrown collectively or individually. The character produces as many as two chips per level of experience. Chips can be stored for future fighting but last for only 1D4 days before becoming soft or “chipping”. Victims hit with the chips will not have to save vs. poison as it is not a liquid form, however if wounds are not cleaned from attacks within six hours the victim must then save vs. toxin.
o +3 to strike
o 2D4 damage per chip
Disguise – The character can use their powers of painting to disguise and chameleon themselves and others.
o Disguise: 50%, +6% per level of experience.
o Quick Disguise (one minute): 20%, +3% per level of experience.

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Unknown said...

You Should call your "Bucket of Paint" power "Paint Ball" instead. I gives a better description of the ability. And maybe even for every level increase the size, damage, and rounds they can produce at a time. And as a down graded version maybe "Hail of paint" this power can blind its opponent's or cover up the characters trail and tracks. This way even the best tracker in the universe might not be able to track them. "Hail of Paint also does some damage, but is mainly for making an easy escape.

Written by: Eclipse