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Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Still in Cyberspace

Its been nearly a month hiding from the Nightlords in the realm of Cyberspace. I have been sick these last few days. My guide says that its the Beast Bug or Techno-virus. Funny thing is I have never been sick in any realm or plane that is connected to Earth (and I have been to plenty).

It all started on my trek in the strange place called Cyberspace. I was in what was called the Terminal , the Station or Layer 2 or its even called The Data Layer; I figured it had something to do with the OSI of the internet. At any rate while I was picking up some food to consume, there was some screaming and panic. I didn't get out of the way in time and was attacked by a vampire man of sorts. His skin was greasy and lucky me failed to bite me. A few hours ago, though, I began to feel sick and my forehead and hands began to feel like they were on fire. When we finally got though all the Layers to the kingdom, I was so sick I could barely move. My head and hands felt like they were on fire.

Days passed and now there is what looks like a permanent black zebra stripes on my body. My guide says because I was not bitten that its only temporary and it will fade.

This world is unusual even for the realms of the Nightbanes universe. Cyber beings walk about some homeless programs, some successful programs. Each day these programs go to work to do the order of their creation. Most are just mindless drones that perform a function while others who are free-code fight the fight against the Beast. I dont know much about the Beast and am looking forward to getting out of Cyberspace to tell the tale.

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