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Monday, October 29, 2007


I have been working on a project for the Rifter now for over a year, Cyberspawn. It is a adventure world that parallels the Nightbane world. Basically for this post I am going to put the journals of the Surfer here to give a decent description of what is going on in Cyberspace, the realm of the Nightbane and Cyberspawn. In these posts I am going to put in new creature descriptions, politics and a world overview of the ether space of the Web...

January 12 2005

The Wonderers diary is awesome. I have read nearly every text I can get my hands on. I am pretty certain that some of it is exaggerated or written by an alternate source but its worth investigating anyway. I have just wondered why they (I dont know if the Wonderer is a man or a woman) have not discussed the realm of Cyberspace. Perhaps 'they' are not able to ride lightning and enter or 'they' have found so much about Nightlands that its overwhelming. to say the least, the world of Cyberspace needs to be discussed.

When Dark Day occurred here in the 'real' world, in cyberspace a 'dark day' occurred there too. They call it the Reboot. When that happened, some say, the Beast appeared. A digital monstrosity that reigned havoc on the entire realm of Cyberspace. Thousands of cyberbeings were injured thousands died and hundreds were not heard from again.

They say that there was a re awaking that caused a separation of the various Layers. Each layer suddenly became very protected and the firewalls just got hotter. There was a witch hunt for the viruses or anyone program that appeared as a virus including the Nightbane that used this realm to escape.

For the next 86400 seconds thousands of programs were screened and went offline. It seemed like there was a big blackout in the real world. The most unusual thing was that for the first time programs that had only done what they were told suddenly gained a life of their own. Each one taking on a persona that was unique and original. Thousands of seconds would pass before people would dare enter the chat rooms, stock websites online games, etc; for the cyber-realm this was almost an eternity. Over the next few seconds the Sites readjusted themselves, protecting themselves from viruses and the new threat the Beast.

To prevent the real world from getting involved in the excitement, the people of cyberspace created a front that would be the face of world wide web allowing the human race to be 'safe' online while they, the people of cyberspace, existed in peace.

Then more lightning riders came. They were attempting to escape from this imagined terror called the Nightlords. What they didn't know is that in the real world they were already being followed by the Nightlords. Websites were being created to house the new Avatar of the Nightlords. They were not going to let the Nightbane escape.

Over the next few weeks in 'real' time the Avatar spent their time creating their own Avatars subject to the Nightlords (some secretly to themselves) to hunt down the Nightbane. They though that this was an empty plane and that the Nightbane would be quickly found; how wrong they were...

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