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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Spawn Runner

I cant get out of Cyberspace. There is no safe place to escape. I have attempted to use conventional means but the Nightlords have put up digital security to prevent me to leave by legal channels. I can't find an exit inside this part of the country.
The new anti virus in the digital realm appears as any version of the Nightlords minions. The Physical Layer is just as bad as the realm of Cyberspace. Like a labyrinth of wild twist and turns I have been running.
It was only three days ago that I lost my guide. I can at least say that I know of the presence of the Nightlords and the Beast in Cyberspace and the Internet. Both are ruthless and heartless antagonists against each other. Thousands of programs are created and die daily but are never noticed thanks to rapid duplication of programs.

I am terrified for my life. I may not survive.

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