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Friday, September 20, 2013

Voting Suggestion

We have a lot of different game options for next year for our gaming group.  With all of them that are being posted, I think now is a great time to start narrowing down.

It was proposed that each potential GM only present one idea, so the best thing to do would be to put a response to this post with your preferred games for each potential GM.  This way, the most votes of their suggestions will be the one they will present.

Just tack it on in the comments section.  We should be nice and not allow GMs to vote on their own worlds, letting the rest of us have an unbiased choice.  Again, this is not for the final vote, just for the game that will be presented on Oct 4th.


Richard Craig said...

I'll start the voting off. We can use this as an example:

Jayson: The Beginning of a Saga
Nate: Runners
Brian: Regnum

Jayson said...

Craig: Blake Chronicles (although I would opt for WWII or Modern Day)
Brian: Regnum!
Nate: Phase World: Runners

AZ RUNE said...

Nate: Phase World: Runners
Craig: Blake Chronicles (although I would opt for WWII or Modern Day)
Jayson: Rifts - Dragon Kings

killervp said...

Craig- Its Good to be Neutral
Jayson- Rifts- Dragon Kings
Nate- Runners
Brian- Regnum

Zenvis said...

Brians Regnum
Jaysons Rifts: Dragon Kings
Craig Blake Chronicles (modern day)

Richard Craig said...

So, even with one person left to vote, we have some clear winners for each of our GMs:

Craig: Blake Chronicles(2 for WWII or Modern, 1 for Modern)(3 of 5)
Jayson: Rifts: Dragon Kings (3 of 5)
Nate: Phaseworld: Runners (4 of 5)
Brian: Regnum (4 of 5)

killervp said...

Looking forward to these, and only these, as pitches- Remember, 20 minutes per person, with 10 minutes of Q&A after.
Good luck!