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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Pariah Faction

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The Pariah Faction is one of the original most public/secret factions. They have the most human appearance but equally aloof as the other factions. These Ken and Barbie dolls walk among men and women without the slightest attraction to themselves.
The special thing that separated Pariah from the rest of the other Factions was their ability to hide in plain sight. They insist on being in their morphus 7/24. The prime reason for this was the morphus form is stronger, faster, more intimidating and better looking.  
 Dark Day changed all of that.
Originally they could move freely among their fellow humans unnoticed but that magical day doomed that.
The most odd of the Pariah is that they are social outcasts for their forwardness and secret use of their Talents. This has caused them to clash with people in power as they have occasionally attempt to use their sheer power to push their way to the top (Remember, they’re Nightbane all the time).
Before Dark Day they walked down the streets and had normal jobs. They were postmen, construction workers, street riff raff, etc. There was no city in the world that they didn’t inhabit. The only thing that threatened the Pariah Faction was the random Nightlords attack from one of their princes’ witch was quickly hunted at night and slaughtered. But that changed. With the coming of Dark Day the Pariah suddenly were afraid. Their openness was threatened and they were angry. The whole ploy of the game was to be a Nighbane and not even be known as one. Suddenly they where pushed into hiding attempting to know about their enemy. For a long time they were part of the Underground and Resistance.
Through experience they slowly began to realize that the supernatural Nightlords also enjoyed being in public without being noticed. Sure, they had control of the government but their secret was so precious that they would never attack the Pariah openly with out first attempting to frame them, abduct them, and even murder them in silence and in the dark.
They realize their edge. If they stayed in groups large enough, the Nightlords could not attack. They threatened the Nightlords with exposure if they attacked. Even if they were marked as terrorists and street scum, the thought of their supernatural nature being exposed without the Pariahs scared them. They knew that they could not send ignorant humans and that Nightbane could sense Nightlord minions.
The Pariah was a boastful bunch. They would put their boldness in the face of the other less attractive (horrific?) factions.
The Underground Railroad didn’t like the openness of the Pariah. The Underground Railroad, interesting enough, will not even defend the Pariah because they tend to be a bunch of loose cannons.
The Resistance and Freak Club admired their ability to hide their attacks in plain sight in the form of theft, muggings and murder. However enmity between the “pretty” and “ugly” caused enough tension that even they could not merge forces, so they remain strong allies.
Spook Squad didn’t even suspect that some of its members were Pariah Nightbane (double agents) until Dark Day and afterward were more careful in their screening process.
The Pariah are vaguely aware of the Warlords, Seekers, Nocturnes and Guardians. Their “special” talents draw attention to themselves but they have shown no interest. 
The most interesting faction that caught their attention was the Freak Club. How anyone would be a Nighbane and party after Dark Day was beyond them but interesting enough.
            When Dark Day happened the Pariah Faction was so caught off guard and ill prepared that the faction almost went into extinction.   Dark Day was so violent for the faction. Their open supernatural scent was like a lighthouse to a ship. The Nightlords and their minions could not help but be drawn in and attack. 

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