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Tuesday, April 2, 2013


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The Outer Perimeter
            There is a piece of paradise that is occasionally invaded by the Shadow Mantis and other creatures of the Void. The astral kingdom has thousands of links to other worlds and is mistaken for “heaven” or some other heavenly place. Perhaps this is because it’s only accessible in a person astral form by most beings. Out of the hundreds of millions of humans on Earth and in the Nightlands as well as countless other beings only a select few (under a hundred) have seen Lightlands and have lived to tell about it. For the most part, Lightlands are understood to be a myth and legend and pursuers of the place have disappeared, been attacked by the Shadow Mantis or other creatures of the Void, or never left the Lightlands when they got there. There is one other rumor, and that is that the Lightlords do not want their place disturbed and openly attack those who attempt to leave without their permission.
            Scripture and other ancient text on the place do not disclose this information and no one in the Lightlands has led on that there was a problem to those that visit the place. Only one text book speaks of the attacks from the Lightlands:

“…and there was a fire in heaven and the cherubim and the flaming swords slew the champions of good and evil to be never seen again. So the gods kept the gatekeepers close and the doors of heaven locked…”
~ Angelica Christica ~

The ancient text is written in Gallic and later translated to Latin by an French monk for church wide use. Unfortunately the monk was tried and hung for publishing such mockery of the church and especially of God and the heathens were hunted down by the English empire only to never be found. All the copies of the book were taken and burned leaving very little trace of the book. Only now can the text can be discovered in very few European countries but not currently in America (at least that’s what’s supposed).
            Another text speaks of the mysterious heaven in the Void by saying:

“…show me Heaven on Earth and open mine eyes to the cherubim that guard its gates…

This and dozens of references of similar text are in the book called Dark Heaven. The book talks about a war in “heaven” and the banishment of the minions of one called Son of the Morning. The text is roughly translated English with some other words that have no translation mixed in the text (-20% to the Language: English skill). In the text that can be understood there is talk of giant lizards and winged creates spitting fire and races that are similar to creatures written in books of fiction. There is also talk of some beings called the Sleeping Ones or Hidden Ones. Some speculate that these beings are the Lightlords or Greorgian (those that are aware of them) while others speculate that there are more gods then the ones spoken by scripture and ancient scrolls and plates.
            Many people have investigated the rumors of the Lightlands by attempting to explore the Astral Plane and the Dreamstream to uncover the rumors but their shallow search has revealed nothing and yet the rumors persist.

The Lightland World
Lightlands in general appear as a world that is similar to Earth in its appearance as if it was a pocket dimension in the Void. Most every city is duplicated and given more angelic names such as Heavens Gate Missouri (St. Louis) but this is exclusive to the larger cities or cities with more demonic names. Most every city in the world has a angelic name of sorts and exhibits a similar landscape as well.
The hills and planes are peaceful and it’s almost what people would expect of heaven. Larger areas of land mass allow the animals and people to live almost separate lives.
The lakes and rivers are similar to the Nightlands though being oceans of fire. Those “pure” (principle) people will not be burned by this ever pure water with flames. Not all creatures that live in the Lightlands are considered pure and thus boats and other means of travel to cross the oceans are made available.

Lightland History
Back when man was young and earth was filled with the potential of many worlds, Nightlands was among one of the many worlds accessible though the Mirrorwall and not easily accessible. But things don’t stay innocent. As man began to learn and grow in magic and knowledge, rumor and myth has it, that the Dark began to stir looking for a way to grow and brew its contempt. Earth was young as I mentioned earlier and so it knew no evil because it knew no good. Disputations were small and infrequent, that was before Kane (Cain?) who first discovered the Dark. He made a pact with the Dark to serve it and do its bidding.
It is not clear who is Kane the first of the worshipers of the Dark. Some say that he had ties to the first man on the earth. Others say that the man Kane was a descendent of a later time after the floods of Noah and is a descendant of that same man. Being an immortal, he travel the world teaching the dark arts to those he found worthy. It is said that Kane was behind every major nation in the world and when he was done with it he would start a new one, a stronger and larger one. Then with the new armies and navies he would destroy the old empire that he helped to create. Examples have shown themselves throughout history; Greece, Rome, Babylon, Samaria, Egypt, and the lists go on and on.
            Some say that his ties to the Lightlands is that he was once a angel of the hosts of the Lightlands, while others say that the Lightlords kept Kane away from the family of Adam. Some say that he is a daemon that roams the land in search for opportunity of greedy and power hungry men.
To say the least, today Kane roams the land in search for the blessed lands of Lightlands searching for every opening and cranny he can get to.
Kane can be easily identified by the gross large mark on his face that covers half of his face. This scar is around his eyes and he covers it with little difficulty; sunglasses a low bill on his cap, a low covering hood that shielded his eyes, etc. the coming of the 20th century has been a great asset to him; how he doesn’t have to see his clients in person but via electronic communication.
He has been the back bone to many countries. When Dark Day came, Kane knew that the Nightlords would want a piece of his paradise. Little did he know that the Nightlords would be so powerful and so impacting, he almost every country that he had started, so he made uneasy pacts with men of magic to maintain his power over his smaller countries. Currently he lives as chief advisor to many of the leaders of New Guinea plotting his chance at expansion again. He keeps a sharp eye out for any Night Prince or minion of the Nightlands killing them on sight and in secret. This has lead to rumors of a serial killer in New Guinea that picks political figures as their targets. Some have become afraid of running for office for the year 2012. 
The Origins of the Guardians
            Some people have the makings of greatness in them. As the scripture says “Many are called, but few are chosen”. Never could a statement be more true then those from the Guardian origin.
            The Guardians start comes from a simple lifestyle that desires to make a change for good. These people come from all walks of life. There is no mold that they truly come from except that they want to be good and fight for good as well. These individuals at a subconscious level reach out to forces of good; gods, Lightlords, higher self, etc. From there the details are fuzzy. Some say that the Guardians get in touch with a fragment of themselves that is connected to an inner power and start the transformation them selves. Others say that the power comes from the Higher Beings that are out there that they have reach out to and they impart some of their essence that starts the transformation. The Lightlords and Light Princes know their origin but will not say how it is started or the full effects of becoming a being of light.
The Conspiracy
            It has been rumored among some of the splintered sub-factions of the Guardians that there is a conspiracy about the Light Princes and their rumored desire to take over Earth. Wile some say that its mentioned in darker text, others dispute it as a means of hurting the Guardians.
            Part of the idea is to form a new pantheon of Gods and Angels to be the new saviors of Earth. The best part of their plan is that they know that the Light Lords are too busy to know what they are up to keeping some secret safe and unexposed, although what it is, is unnerving. The plan is still in the works as Earths inhabitants do not believe in pantheons but for the most part are Christians. To fight this they have focused their strength on the world that believes in multiple gods. They hope that their influence and popularity will give them the strength of getting rid of the Nightlords and their minions. The plan will not get into full swing for another twelve years as they are still suspicious of being caught by the Lightlords. They have yet to know the impact of their plan on the Lightlords and weather or not their plan will be prematurely cut off before it gets a chance to get into full swing.

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Jayson said...

Great stuff! A few new O.C.C.'s could be spawned from the Lightlands, in additon to the Guardians. I see different types of angels (those part of Kabalistic Mythology). You mention Cherib. There are also Seraphim and the likes. Maybe invest some time developing PC versions of these O.C.C.'s...that would be totally...well...RIGHTEOUS!