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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

MDC Modification for the SDC Fan

So here is my house rules for a MDC world that I think others will enjoy. My inspiration comes from an SDC game that I am playing about a Palladium Fantasy parallel world called Regnum. Our house rule have me the inspiration (so thank you Brian and Jayson) to figure out how to enjoy MDC.
In the rules of the original print of Rifts there were rules for being bumped around but they were so vague and convoluted that most players don’t use them; can't blame them. It was a situation that if you were in MDC of any kind you were invulnerable. MDC had to be destroyed before you got the soft insides. For MDC creatures they were immune to stun, bleeding profusely, basically a need to run because you could heal quickly and run away scathed but not without rapid healing; ridiculous.  

I have a ton of Rifts books but have never played Rifts because MDC pissed me off (and if you are wondering just how many Rifts books I have, I would say I have almost all of them, really, I am short about 10 of the total). So I have stewed on the idea and finally I think I have come up with a resolution for those Rifts gamers that don’t want to convert the whole game so that they can even play or give it a armor rating for each thing.

Rules for the Living

Say you have a dragon with a butt load of MDC, well how do you make them fear you? My rules would be if a player is able to roll a natural 20 or modified 24, the player has hit the spot that not only have they done double damage but now bleeding damage has occurred (-10% of the total damage coming from the wound). The alternative is that if they hit a limb that it is severely injured (that means flying is slowed by 20%, running is cut to half or their arm has lost half strength and is -2 to strike, parry and dodge with all bonuses lost till the (any of them) limb is healed).

Now this didn't seem like much but it I am not looking to cripple the game just give it flavor. I mean Kevin gave such flavor to vampires and their rules (look at Rifts World 2: Vampire Kingdoms, the revised version (told you I had a lot of books).

Rules for the Machine

When it comes to personal armor the character is a turtle in a shell. Grab the guy by the limb and shake him like a ragdoll you could kill him. Throw his glitter boy off the edge of a cliff and the pilot (and anyone else on board) could take a beating without really doing much damage to the exterior. This is not about burning holes in helmets with a single shot but more about impact damage. If you have a Broodkill beat a CS soldier in his armor, the old rule was until the armor is destroyed, they were safe. Not now! In the modified rules for each impact blow (this excludes lasers and energy attacks) the guy inside gets 10% damage from each blow so blows that do 10 MDC would do 1 SDC to the guy inside. That wouldn't be much for those in body armor but if they were say in a Spider Skull Walker and it was tossed off the edge, the pilots, gunners etc would receive 1D6 damage for each 10 feet that walker fell and for each time a dragon punched the walker the crew would feel the blow (similar to a scene on Startrek when the ship is hit) and a Natural 20 or modified 24 would do internal damage to the sensors, weapon systems or targeting, etc. The screen would blank out or calibration would be wrong and so that shots would suddenly miss. Perhaps a limb locks up and mobility slows to half the robots attacks or slows to half speed because of the damage and delay. For GM’s I would use the MDC location as a model for your personal critical table.

So yea now you know. You do the double damage but now the heroes and villains will have a reason to retreat from combat for something other than being down to your last 10 MDC. Enjoy.

Images are from from two of the books published by Palladium drawn and colored by Kevin Long.


Jayson said...

Great article! I love that you include two ways to crack through that armor. The first was for those who are very skilled (i.e. high P.P. or Strike bonuses). The next is for those doing a whole heck of a lot per hit.

killervp said...

I agree- but would like to see how hard the math is in a play test- the gm is taking on extra work.

Zenvis said...

I really want to test this idea some day. I like it and I thought that it will work but it must be tested and refined.

Charlie Warren said...

I like your idea. Sounds like it fits right in with the Megaversal System.

Zenvis said...

I am ok with a little math. I currently am dealing with poison in a HU2 game. There's artificial and natural. Sigh....