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Monday, November 25, 2013

New Palladium Creature: Paranha Frog

Piranha Frog
The Piranha Frog is a creature that is described as an innocent looking creature that swims at a casual speed to the shore and hops around occasionally looking at those on the beach. The two distinguishing red stripes on their back and look of a fish eyes on their back, the chin and eye brows is what separates them from the other races as it is red; that and the three foot tongue that has four distinct spurs at the end. When the frogs are hungry, they come to shore to eat anything that is warm-blooded, because it can’t see in the conventional way only see warm bodies. It goes after things that are about its body size and weight so larger creatures are out of the question.  However if the creature is desperate enough, it does have the strength to take down a gnome, child or small dwarf or with help a larger creature.
I.Q.: 1D4, M.E.: 3D6, M.A.: 1D6, P.S.: 1D6, P.P.: 2D6+6, P.E.: 2D6, P.B.: 3D6, Spd.: 3D6
The creature is a mindless creature that lives only to feed itself; considered miscreant.
Hit Points: P.E.+20
S.D.C.: 10
Natural Armor Rating: 8
Horror Factor: 5
P.P.E.: 1D4
Natural Abilities: Leap six feet high and twelve feet across.
Damage: Bite: 2D6, Claws: 2D4, Poison: None, it’s a muscle relaxant and numbing agent; those bitten feel sleepy and nauseous (-4 to strike parry and dodge; victim is half speed and sluggish). They are valuable to Alchemists (700 gold for one ounce [takes three frogs to produce one ounce]).
Bonuses: +5 to strike
Magic: None
Psionics: None
Average Life Span: Five years
Habitat: swamp and marshland
Languages: None
Enemies: None
Allies: Evil Wizards that perform the spell, Animal Familiar
Size: 12 – 14 inches across and 8 inches across
Weight: 7 lbs.
Notes: These creatures have a school mentality and swim together fallowing the sun to keep warm while taking down prey much larger then themselves. This has put down the guard of most people because the come on shore one or two at a time; however if a victim is in the water they don’t get the warning that comes from seeing a group on the beach and are usually poisoned by the spurs on their tongue before they can react.

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Jayson said...

There is a contradiction regarding "creatures that are much larger". In one section it is stated that they do not take down anything larger than its own body. Yet, in another section it says they have a school mentality, where they take down prey much bigger than themselves hunting in groups. This needs to be corrected. I think it is a better creature to be able to hunt in schools to take down much, much larger prey. This way they are a true threat to PC's and other characters.