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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Back behind the Shield

I have been working on some great things:

Nightbane in Cyberspace

Splicers in Space

I am an Megaversal Ambassidor

I am GM for a game played via Scype

I am a player for a game

Things are good. So whats new? I have become a busy busy guy and life could not get better in this moment. For those that have been reading my stuff I have learned how to do textile HTML. Its new for me and it makes things so freaking easy at the same time frusterating. Symbols that I normally use cannot be used such as the (+) plus sign. At least they are interchangable.

Also I am active on the Heroes Unlimited forum as I am attempting to strech my imagination of the powers that are available (instead of attempting to recreate them in the past). It interesting how when you attempt to find out the full extent of the power and get the opinion of  others about it. Most of the time the fellow players say that its the GM's call. I am the GM so what do I say? I want it to be fair so reaching out is important to me and to my players.

In roll play I have learned that taking it slow allows for more great detail to come in and fantastic memeorable game. I started my new game Taur Wars (a Heroes Unlimited game) and its way better then the ones that I have played in the past. There is a lot more work in creating details but its still a great story blooming.

At any rate thats the update. I know that its not much but I'll make a better effort to keep you up to date.

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Welcome back behind the screen...