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Sunday, July 11, 2010

I have a little secret

I have a couple of secrets. Some I can tell and some... well not so much so. First secret I am changing the script for Cyberspace. I want to broaden it a bit similar to what was done in Rifter #2. I thought about it and said within myself, there is a war of the megaverse with demons and devils that is ever expanding, why not cyberspace? No I am not writing a book for the demon/devil war but my Cyberspace script is now getting too big for just the Nightbane. I want to include Heroes Unlimited and every modern civilization across the magaverse. Crazy huh?

Ok, I have your attention, more secrets are coming down the turnpike at Palladium Books that I was privy to know and cannot tell because of the slowness of things and I am not exactly sure if its going to come to pass. To say the least, its going to be cool if it comes out. I will be especially excited if I get published in some of the work that comes out .

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