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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Are all the gamers dead?

Ok, this is just a random rant to see if anyone is listening. Gamers out there we need to create the next generation of gamers soon so that we can keep a game and legacy going. Now I have talked to gamers and I have seen a few gamers that have passed the game book to their sons and daughters but this needs to spread to their friends and their communities.

Now my son has taken a liking to games but has no friends that have come over... yet. We hope to move soon to a place where that is a more common place. My son Mo wants to play and it's is fun; I just need to find a community that would be more warm to their neighbors and friends. (Man I miss gaming.)

Back in the old days (a decade ago) I had pals that would gather together and eat and play games until late into the night. Now I have children and live in a place that is a bit cold to neubs like me and my family (mainly because we don't share the community's religion. I want to move back and soon so that me and my son can experience this together.

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