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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Rifter 0.1

I just submitted the text that is going to be in the Rifter (at least I hope). Unfortunately its not the Media Magic that I'd hope to submit. That is going back on the burner for a redo. i am in the writing spirit again though and am working on some old pieces that were originally put on the stove to steam while other fresh new ideas bubble up.
Its interesting that when I get reading novels that the ideas begin to flow. I thought that that also applied to reading the scriptures (and it does) only but I was wrong. When I get to reading great writing then I get motivated. I have been working on my pieces and talking to some of my greatest critics to get feed back on the work that was already submitted and to get new ideas from them as to where to take this and its amazing what friends and family can do (you know who you are). At any rate I am going to be working on the fresh stuff and redoing some of the old for the next Rifter and assuming that there is going to be a Swimsuit issue for this coming year (2009) I am working on some new villainesses for that issue as well.
Life here in Virginia is good.

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