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Thursday, April 24, 2008

New Ideas of Nightbane

Originally I thought of creating a new idea for Nightbane with ideas about the Sea or Pirates but that idea has already been done with Pirates of the Caribbean. So things have changed with ideas about Nightbane in ancient times with a tribal war or clan war of something like that. Its just an idea but I think that something that tied the true Illuminati or Knights of the True Templar or something cool like that.
I would like to incorperate Vampires and Were beasts in the whole thing but again it would be a secret behind the true powers that ruled Europe. At any rate I will have to think more about it. As for Cyberbane I have some new editors who are going to take a look at it before it hits Palladium's front door. To say the least though, its turning really into something cool.
By the way the image to the left is the inspiration for what I have been doing for Cyberspace.

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