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Saturday, September 29, 2007

Palladium's new rune weapon

The Curse of the Revenant
Among the hundreds of courses that exist in the Palladium world there is none unlike this curse. The Revenant is defined as an undead man thing that has one hand and at the end of the other wrist a bade-like weapon.
The welder of the cursed weapon who fails to save versus very powerful magic (-3 to save vs. magic) will unwillingly cut off their own hand and drive the hilt of the rune weapon into the stump. At that time the magic curse will fuse the two to become one. A bracelet will appear that seals off the wound forging a new character that must now bear the rune weapon with no place to hide it.
Of the weapons bearing this curse, none can compare to the power of the sword called Revenant’s Widow. The Revenant are normally known as undead creatures, so this curse weapon has a bit of a confusing name and to some is best known as the Kapah Widow from its only survivor. Where the cursed name comes from is first the curse that it bears but then it goes a step further. Those that the character gets close to, enemies, friends, love ones, etc. The character becomes a creature of a murderous rage seeking for the perfect opportunity to kill. This is from the swords power of the character and constant whisperings. Characters constantly hear the voice of the rune weapon and when the character sleeps they see the embodiment of the weapon; a young child with an evil grin and a huge sword. It takes only a matter of months before the character looses total control and gets them selves killed.
The longest the weapon has been welded has been three years by a Kapah Dorpharu. Kapah was lucky (or unlucky as some would say) because the sword was cut off him and removed him from the curse. However he always said that he was saved too late. By the time that the sword was removed, he had lost his entire family and most of his extended family and he had terrible nightmares. His friends and family now hating him and all the restless nights, he eventually committed suicide a short four months later.

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