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Saturday, September 29, 2007

The Dabbler

Again, heres something for Palladium.
Dabbler O.C.C.
(A.K.A. Dabbling Mystic, Dabbling Sorcerer or the Mumbler)
This being is what some consider the ultimate wizard/mystic. This person looks for opportunities to “hang out” with other magic users then though careful observation meditation and understanding of magic create the similar effects of the same said observed spells. Unfortunately it only works once per magic type (IE, blood magic can only be mimicked once, warlock magic can be mimicked once, etc... etc...) leaving the Dabbler searching constantly for other types of magic. What eases their search is that they can learn common magic. Most of these beings become hungry for more and more magic leaving most magic users to shun and abandon the Dabblers once they are discovered.
The unique thing about the Dabbler is their strong resistance to the horrors of other dimensions (+8 vs. horror factor). They have such a will as to resist even the toughest, meanest villainy of the megaverse. They can also resist the most grotesque event of war and torture because most dare to do it themselves. With this resistance they are able to step into the deepest of the horrific dimensions and most of the time, not bat an eye. This has lead to a arrogance of the mage because they fear almost nothing. They will use their powers of persuasion and quick tongue to get themselves out of trouble.
Powers and Special Abilities
1. Alignment: Any
2. Initial Spell Knowledge. The Dabbler is a master of spell magic like a wizard. At first level the magi can choose 1D4 spells per level up to until the magi reaches 12 total spells. In addition to their starting spells the Dabbler starts with Tongues, Decipher Magic, and Eyes of Thoth.
3. Additional Magic. Like a mystic the Dabbler draws his magic from both learning and mysticism. Through study the Dabbler can learn common magic and though meditation (experience) learn any other type of magic save common only. When the Dabbler reaches a new plateau in learning (new level) he can meditate on the magic he was observed and then cast up to 1D4 new spells from any level under equal to his level (IE. 5 level Dabbler can pick 1D4 spells from X type of magic up to 5th level.)
Remember this applies to all the magic that he observes. (So if he’s seen four different types of magic in his experience then he earns four times 1D4 additional spells per type (except for incantation magic witch is unlimited but only can pick 1D4 from each wizard/ley line walker observed because of a lack of patience).
There is one exception to this rule. When a Dabbler reaches sixth level they can go back to the original people that they observed and gain two additional spells of the person’s kind of magic, but this is a one time deal that occurs at sixth and twelfth level. After this the option is unavailable.
4. O.C.C. Bonuses. +2 to I.Q., M.E. and +6 M.A. (minimum attribute of 16; if the bonus does not bring the character to sixteen then adjust the attribute appropriately), +20 to S.D.C.
5. P.P. E.: Permanent Base: 1D4X10 +20, plus 1D6 per level of experience. In addition the magic user can benefit from ley lines. The being is able to draw 20 additional points from ley lines and 40 from nexuses.
6. I.S.P.: Permanent Base: M.E. + 20, plus 1D4 per level.
Special Abilities
7. Dimensional Teleport. Perhaps the most amazing ability is the natural ability to teleport ones self and 100 lbs of personal goods to any dimension with magic. Of course magic is the key because these beings can not teleport themselves to just any dimension but only to ones that have a diverse arrangement of magic. This means that such dimensions as the Beyond the Supernatural dimension, Hero’s Unlimited dimension, and Nightbane dimensions, although have the means to support magic seekers like the Dabbler they lack the diversity that the instincts that this mage uses to attract himself to these dimensions. However such dimensions such as the Palladium, Rifts or Phase World dimensions are easy pickings. The downside to this spell/ability is that the spell caster once teleported to a world can not return to the previous world for a whole 2 days. Cost to user: 60 P.P.E.
8. Teleport Spell. The magi can also use his uncanny ability to locally teleport to other hot spots where magic is apparent. This ability is similar to the wizard spell of the same name with the same exceptions as the Dimensional Teleport spell listed above. Cost to user: 30 P.P.E.
9. Resistant to Horror Factor. For the first 5 levels of experience the character has a +8 to horror factor. At sixth level, any being that the Dabbler comes across will not phase the being that he’s seen it all. They will be immune to the horror.
**NOTE** This O.C.C. is restricted to S.D.C. beings.
O.C.C. Skills:
Speaks & literate in native language 98%
Speak Four Languages of choice (+20%)
Lore Magic (+30%)(This skill can go beyond 98% as they have a dragons level of understanding of magic)
Lore: Demon and Monster (+20%)
Lore: Faerie (+10%)
Wilderness Survival (+10%)
Basic Math (+10%)
Detect Ambush (+5%)
Body Building
W.P. Pick three of choice
Hand to Hand Expert
Hand to hand combat can be selected as an “other” skill as follows: Hand to Hand Martial Arts counts as one skill selection, Hand to Hand Assassin count as two selections.

O.C.C. Related Skills: Select eight other skills, but at least two must be physical. Plus select two skills at level three, two at level six, one at level nine, and one at level twelve. All new skills start at first level proficiency.
Communications: Any (+10)
Domestic: Any
Electrical: Basic Electronics only
Espionage: Interrogation only
Mechanical: Basic Mechanics only
Medical: First Aid and Paramedic, and Holistic Medicine only
Military: None
Physical: Any except Wrestling and Gymnastics
Pilot: Any (+15%)
Pilot Relate: Any
Rogue: Any
Science: Any
Technical: Any (+5%)
W.P.: Any
Wilderness: Any
Secondary Skills: The character gets to select five secondary skills from those listed. These are additional areas of knowledge that do not get the advantage of the bonus listed in the parentheses (). All the secondary skills start at the base skill level.
Standard Equipment: Heavy coat, leather or heavy cloth cape, light armor appropriate to home dimension (seldom wear heavy armor, because it reduces their speed and mobility by half), knapsack, back pack, 1D4 small packs, one large pack, six wooden stakes and mallet (for vampires and other practical applications), canteen, binoculars, tinted goggles or sunglasses, air filter and gas mask, flash light, 100 feet of light weight cord and grappling hook, pen or pencils and sketch pad.
Weapons: Weapons will include survival knife, hand axe, automatic pistol or sub-machine gun (player’s choice), energy rifle if common to home dimension, and 1D6 extra clips of ammunition.
Vehicles: The vehicle of choice is usually a motorcycle, or hummer. They tend toward inexpensive and easy to replace items or items that can be easily carried around.
Money: Starts with 1D4X1000 in credit or cash and 3D4X1000, in black market items.
Cybernetics: Starts with none and will avoid getting any cybernetics or any other forms of physical augmentation because it interferes with magic. However, cybernetic and bio-system prosthetics will be considered if necessary.
Experience Table
1 0,000-2,050
2 2,051-4,100
3 4,101-8,250
4 8,251-16,500
5 16,501-24,600
6 25,601-34,700
7 34,701-49,800
8 49,801-69,900
9 69,901-95,000
10 95,001-130,100
11 130,101-180,000
12 180,201-230,300
13 230,301-280,400
14 280,401-340,500
15 340,501-400,600


Jayson said...
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Jayson said...

I thought of some additional ideas for this O.C.C. First, give the Dabbler a new spell that he/she starts with in the beginning. This spell creates an invisible ethereal globe. All magic spells cast inside the globe (along with the events surrounding the magic) are "archived" or magically recorded. The Dabbler's experience level limits the amount of globes maintained at the same time and the duration to which the are maintained. Furthermore, there is a limitation on the radius of the globe and the range from the spell caster. Once the magic and events desired have been archived or the globe reaches its limitation of duration, the globe will collapse creating a small dimension. The Dabbler is able to teleport to this dimension and access the events archived. These dimensions have the same area as the initial globe. When entered they appear much like a dream where the practicioner's thoughts are linked to the magic sustaining the dimension. Time is has little effect inside these dimensions. The Dabbler is then able to review and learn the magic that was cast.

This spell would replace the Dabbler's ability to simply learn the spells that he/she observes. Instead the Dabbler would need to cast a spell in order learn spells. Does that make sense? Since this new spell is limited by duration and energy constraints, the Player playing a Dabbler would need to pick and choose when to learn new spells. It also limits the Dabbler during combat, requiring one of the magic actions to cast this Globe of Archiving.

The second idea, give the Dabbler the natural ability to Sense Magic. You might have already done this in the three natural spells that were mentioned. I am just not familiar with them, "Tongues, Decipher Magic, and Eyes of Thoth".

The last idea, since the Dabbler is somewhat of a magical thief, extend this idea, giving the Dabbler a bit of limitation. Instead of a healthy amount of PPE or ISP (which ever limits the amount of spells that can be cast per day), give the Dabbler a small amount. In addition to this meager amount of energy the Dabbler is able to tap into the energy reserves of other beings, entities, and relics. The Dabbler does this by casting yet another spell, "Magic Leech"(NEW), which creates a link to an object or being allowing the Dabbler to use their magic energy instead. This will add to the Dabbler's lust for more power and the already tainted reputation in the magic community.

Jayson said...


Allow the Dabbler to mentally access an Archive Globe after it collapses. This way the Dabbler does not have to physically be in another dimension to access the magical event. Instead the practicioner goes into a dream state. The Dabbler needs to still be within a range to the original spot of the events to access the Globe's archives. The Globe is not a complete dimension and is still link to the parent dimension in which the globe was first created. The location of the magical event is the portal linking the parent dimension and the globe's dimension. The globe is more like a dimensional closet or pocket.