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Saturday, September 29, 2007

One more Villain

Tags a Latina that wanted to make something of herself. She saw the world changing with mutants and aliens with super powers. She wanted to be part of the action. So she went into inventing, creating weapons of mass destruction. However she found that her creative knack for inventing was not appreciated and so she would need to go on her own.
For the next six years she spent long nights in creating a super suit that was self regenerating a ooze that would harden instantly when fired. While she was inventing and creating she worked as at a boring nuclear engineering job that was slow and dragged on. Finally she cracked and decided to break in and show her colleges some real success and progress.
Calling in sick, she donned and in a fit of rage and excitement attacked her office building openly. Naming herself Tag, she trashed her office and went home. The rush was so much that she wanted more but was confused. One the one hand she wanted to be a hero and on the other, the rush of destruction. To say the least, after debating it all night she decided that Tag was a villain.
For the next year she studied martial arts at night while doing her day job. She wanted to insure that Tag was a fighter and could handle her self. She would laugh some nights at the thought that Tag was her own personality. Now time has passed and perhaps Tag is.
Real Name: Cecilia Beatriz
Aliases: Paint Ball, Graffiti, Cee, Chica
Legal Status: Tag is wanted for graffiti and destruction of public and private property
Alignment: Anarchist
Attributes: I.Q.: 23, M.E.: 14, M.A.: 9, P.S.: 10, P.P.: 11, P.E.: 12, P.B.: 18, Spd.: 14
Hit Points: 19 S.D.C.: 20
Weight: 120 (54 kg)
Height: 5’4” (163cm)
Age: 27
Disposition: Cecilia wants to push the limits of what (wo)men can accomplish though the power of invention over mutants and freaks. Her determination and drive probably will drive her alignment to miscreant because the tests become more and more destructive and the improvement more expensive.
Experience Level: Cecilia is 3rd level, the suit is 7th level.
Combat Skills: Martial Arts
Attacks per Melee: 4
Combat Bonuses: +3 to roll with punch, +2 on initiative, +3 to pull a punch, +3 to parry and dodge, +2 to strike and disarm. Kick attacks: Karate style kick (2D4 damage), Roundhouse Kick 3D6, Snap Kick 1D6, Wheel Kick 2D6, Knee 1D6
Super Power Category: Super Invention
Physical Appearance: Battle Suit (S.D.C.: 440, A.R.: 13)
Super Abilities: Mater Expulsion: Paint (New), Wingless Flight (leaves a colorful trail)
Skills of Note: Electrical Engineer 60%, Mechanical Engineer 55%, Weapons Engineer 50%, Robot Mechanics 60%, Robot Electronics 55%, Radio: Basics 80%, Read Sensory 65%, Chemistry 65%, Chemistry: Analytical 60%, Computer Operation 60%, Computer Programming 50%, Computer Repair 10%, Astrophysics 50%, Art 60%, Anthropology 45%, Biology 55%, Paramedic 60%, Intelligence 50%, Research, Mathematics: Advance 85%, W.P.: Sword, W.P. Staff, W.P. Staff, W.P. Chain, English: 60%, Spanish 98%
Appearance: Cecilia is a beautiful young Spanish European who speaks both Spanish and English. Tag wears a mask that snaps into place on her uniform covering her entire face to keep her mystery.
Occupation: Engineer and Destroyer
Weapons: Diasho and the suit
Vehicles: Just her personal vehicle witch she never uses as Tag
Money: she makes a decent salary of $60,000 a year; $50,000 in savings.

Mater Expulsion: Paint
This power is the ability to create both hard and soft paint and launch it at any target within range. Paint is in any color the character desires at the time they shoot the paint and can change from shot to shot. They are also able to create a controlled spray. Unlike the burst of paint like a paint ball or spraying, the character can airbrush with exact precision. With practice, the power gives the character the ability to paint (even at first level).

Paint Ball: The character creates balls of solid paint that explode on impact.
Range: 300 feet (+10 feet per level of experience)
Damage: 3D6 + 1D6
Blast Radius: Paint Explodes: 1 Yard (.9 m)

Spray Paint Blast: The character can create a blast of paint that impairs its victims (-8 to strike, parry and dodge), but does not do the same impact damage that Paint Ball does.
Range: 1D6
Blast Radius: 3 Yards (2.7 m) (+1 Yard (.9 m) per level of experience)

Skill: Painting: The character can paint with such precision that they can make a line of paint so fine that it’s the size of a pencil line. The character can paint with such skill; 80%, +2%.


Jayson said...

Quite a unique idea for a villain. I would change her occupation from a Nuclear Engineer to either a Materials Engineer or a Chemical Engineer. She still would have an engineer background. But, it would better explain her knowledge behind inventing the special chemicals. Furthermore, the colorful trail that is left behind when she flies is caused by a new type of lightweight/low-volume combustible. The emissions of which leaves a gaseous residue that refracts the different wavelengths of light (similar to oil in a puddle). The residue has a similar density of breathable air. Tag is also semi-aware of its unstable properties, it being carcinogenic and inducing mild insanity. Obviously due to her anarchist nature she does not report all her findings regarding her inventions. In full, the residue causes a slow growing tumor in the brain that releases ectopic neurotransmitters that affect reasoning and judgment abilities. Several years of burning this chemical in the lab (through various trails and experiments) has probably influenced many of Tag's current actions.

Jayson said...

About the New Power---Matter Expulsion: Paint

This paint-like substance can be produced in large amounts, right? So, it could be used to cake on to an assailant much like the Ice abilities of Alter Physical Structure: Ice, correct? Similar to the event that happens to Mr. Incredible in Syndrome's computer room, right?

If this is all true to your original idea, then you also need to include some additional power like... "Paint Fissure: The ability to create and expel a fountain of paint substance." The paint would harden once it has hit the target. There should be some limit to how much "paint" should be created per second, so as to limit low level characters from creating huge hardened structures in seconds.

Another cool sub-power would be to create a Paint Bomb. This bomb would react much like the fungal species Puffball, where one touched it explodes sending paint in a limited radius.

Jayson said...

I thought of a better name for the sub power "Fissure of Paint"--- How about "Gush of Paint". It just sounds more like what you hear when taking about paint-type liquids.