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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Religion & RPG

I have played no other game except Palladium Books stuff and Palladium FRPG is one of the most interesting when it comes to a 'God'. There is so many gods, godlings, demigods, demons, devils etc... that the avenues for adventure were unlimited.

I thought that that was going to be the end of gods for all of Palladium and their games. Man I was wrong! When Rifts came out there was an open route for gods again. All of the gods that had infested the minds of men and women was reintroduced. I was a bit intrigued by some of the choices of gods. For example, the Hindu gods were brought in and I know a few friends of mine that warship the Triune God Vishnu Brahma and Shiva. How players, GM's and the writer of Rifts Pantheons approached this God was interesting. Now I wonder how much true wisdom was involved in creating a stat for Gods that were or are currently worshiped.

That leads to the one final God er... Gods of Christianity (it all depends on your viewpoint of "God, being theres a Father, a Son and a Holy Ghost"). I know that theres controversy about creating stats for 'God' but hear me out on this. Perhaps it was questionable as to weather or not Palladium should of created the stats for the Christian God but I think that with the stats of all the other Gods that it might of been a o.k. idea. On the other hand they were writing for a predominately Christian audience and thus would of appeared tacky, especially if, say, Thor or Ra was stronger then Jesus or because there is no true definition of the Christian God, to define 'him' by creating a three headed God. at any rate, just a thought.

I just wanted to put the thought out there while I was working on my Blue Ice project. Your comments are welcome.

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