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Sunday, August 26, 2007

The continuation

I missed another game.

I wonder whats wrong with me. Where the lust for game has gone. I remember a time when I was completely obsessed by the sheer desire to release myself with a good game. The psychology of it all was just awesome. I could function, work well with others etc. Then there was a time that there was no released and I was stuck with the stress of life and my O.C.D. was really bad. Now its weird. I am more relaxed an under control but I still want the socialization of it all. I want the pizza, laughing, sound of clanging of dice, etc.

Now playing tough. It's dead silent and everyone isn't there, we are not friends, its so quiet. Kind of creepy. No dice is rolled. The pizza is cold and conversation dry. It sucks. To make matters worse I am on the road constantly so this is my only avenue.

Enough sadness now, I have been working on my project Blue Ice. I have been working on the various characters that will influence the whole campaign in general. Characters that will give the campaign the right twists and turns... Now if you'll excuse me I have to get back to working on my project.

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