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Friday, April 5, 2013

The Connection

Image from Talaria Enterprises

 Nate and I have been pushing around this idea a long time. I remember the first day he told me about creating Cyberspace as a world for Nightbane. I was still living in Moscow, ID going to school. I was on an errand getting groceries at Winco supermarket. The idea was so compelling that I stayed in the parking lot discussing the possibilities with Nate, rather than finish my errand. By the time we were down, most certainly an hour had gone by. We summed up everything, yet we knew that we had only taken the first bite of this elephant.
Years passed and sadly so did this idea. Even sadder still, I dropped contact with my cousin for several years. The pangs of long distance separates the closest of bonds. Yet, fate intervened. Out of the blue Nate sent me an invite to his Obsidian Portal game. I had just freed up some time with my busy life; and I needed something to cheer me up from a depressing adjuct in my life. Thus, it seemed like a great idea to pick up gaming once more in my life. To Nate's surprise and delight, I told him yes!
Once again we began to interweave a legacy of ideas fueled by our combined imaginations. It was very exciting. Though, Cyberspace was not part of those early conversations in our reunion. Rather, we focused about a beautiful Heroes Unlimited plot. It was a plot as thick as pea soup, riddled with intrigue and deceit! But this is not our topic; I digress. Soon we returned to Cyberspace picking up where we had left off. But one thing had always bothered me about the idea. There never seemed to be a solid REASON for the Nightbane to ENTER Cyberspace. We needed to have a stronger motive!
I put my thinking cap on and went to work. I threw tons of ideas at Nate, some of them good (but not quite great), and others down right terrible. This went back and forth futility. We almost tanked the whole thing, until the idea hit me. CONNECTION! Cyberspace is all about connection. In the real world we use Cyberspace to connect ourselves with everyone else. We have Facebook and Twitter. We send emails. We create websites of information. We participate in forums. You right now are connected to my ideas and Nate's ideas through this very blog. So why should the motive behind Nightbane' Cyberspace be any different.
We began to lay out this plan with Connections as the center. As you will find out more, the motives became SO STRONG we had to pull back a bit. We feared that we were overshadowing the Core of Nightbane. Now with the finishing touches we just placed on this plot TODAY, all GM's will be blown away with what is coming down the pike. Just as the Matrix blew your mind the first time you saw it. Our Cyberspace will pull you in and won't let go. We have captured everything that is great about Nightbane: the mystery, the history, the conspiracy, the intrigue, the dark motives...but most importantly...the NIGHTBANE!

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