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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Road Hogs

I know, I know its been a while. Sorry.

I have put a lot on the back burner and the fear of being enterupted just gets me. I have been working (stewing not writing) on some ideas for After the Bomb: Road Hogs. After rereading it for the second time I realized that there was some elements missing; that the book was a bit vague. See there was some great ideas that never came to light because it didn't receive the size that it should of (in my opinion). So I was reading through it and thought that the book could use some revamp and addition to truely be a companion to the ATB2 book that was released a while back. The problem is that there is no sounding board like there once was when Palladium Nexus was in full swing (to many licensing threats). We could really use a think tank like that again (and I need a sounding board or at least a partner to motivate me to get the idea done). At any rate, if you know someone let me know. I prefer a fellow writer and gamer but I almost will settle with anything.

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